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January 27, 2010

Phillips takes high road with critics but points out he has won more than Parcells

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips would be well within his rights to thumb his nose up at a few of his critics after leading the Cowboys to their first playoff win in 13 years and getting a two-year contract extension.

Phillips said that's just not him. However, it is not beyond Phillips take a little dig at the object of many of his critics' obsession (affection), his predecessor Bill Parcells.

Phillips said what frustrates him most is that people don't appreciate how hard it is to win games. They certainly don't appreciate how many games he has won in Dallas compared how things were before he got here.

Phillips has won 34 games and two division titles in three years as Cowboys coach. The Cowboys only won one division title from 1997 prior to his arrival in 2007.

"I take pride in that we won a lot of games," Phillips said. "People don't realize how hard it is to win games. They do if they look at the previous four years and the years before that. We won 34 games in three years. Bill (Parcells) won 34 in four years and previous one before that won 34 in six or eight. That's the only thing. I just don't think people realize how hard it is to win."

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Lets not forget that Big Bill let Emmitt Smith go to Arizona and replaced him with Eddie George who played miserably. And he loved to bring in "his guys" who usually were done or not even playing anyhwere else before they came do Dallas. Wade has brought in very few of "his guys" but they were all good to great. (Brookings, Olshansky, Sensabaugh).

In addition, yes, Wade can say he is doing okay. But okay is okay somewhere else. Tuna lost two playoffs games as did Wade but Wade has one at least. OOPS, forgot this nugget. Canned QB Bledsoe at half...when he should have let Tony get reps at least half or all during the week after disaster in Philly. Somehow, Romo picked up habit of "choking" key games...but that was under the Tuna and some of his coaches that went elsewhere. But they learned in Big D.

Oops, internet was down. So I missed some stuff. Yes, Tuna had less to start with. 1. Agree, he let alot of good coaches go, including the KICKING COACH (I guess the middle man got in the way of some butt whoopins.Geesh) 2. Crayton never would have played in 2004 unless somebody got winded (but play my guy...Ward) 3. Drafted Petitti, Peterman, Rodgers; somehow still kept OT Tucker; got another OT in 2003 who was not healthy and made a bonehead play in Philly that was critical; okay, Johnson at OC was okay but team had hard luck at OC but okay was platooning [and better when Gurode was moved to OC] 4. Convinced that Hambrick was it in 2003? Got another guy and almost ran for 80 yds and then disappeared around Thanksgiving in 2003. His guy Richie was the answer? 5. Got Keyshawn, but had no offensive guys until Jerry got TO. 6. Ooops, forgot about not getting Stephen Jackson but got J. Jones. What a waste of a second round 7. Getting the point. On and on. His picks were so good. In Miami. Oh yeah, didn't want to play and let receive in a FB Polite. Granted injuries played a part in some of these guys...but too much.

quincy carter took his sorry butt to the playoffs....then his head got big so he went out and got drew bledsoe and vinny testaverde......and when tony let the ball slip threw his hands he acted like it was the end of the world, and sat his fat ass in the valley ranch office for 2 weeks while the good coaches pass bye because he is a lard ass, and ended up still being out coach by wade phillips.

bill parcells was a worse head case then terrell owens....he found tony romo..ok!...he drafted d'' ware ok!..he gave colombo a chance ok!....but he drafted bobby carpenter in the first round with a low pick at that!...and he drafted marcuse spears in the first round when clearly spears is a 2nd or third round guy....i am glad jerry booted his.....marshmellow a** out the door every one thought he was so tuff....but he get's a sweaty jersey thrown in his face'...and he did nothing....the guy lives off his reputation that lawrance taylor gave him...he has allways been overated to go along with his waiste line....the sissy.

To Bamboozaul - Oh I forgot, Parcells drafted Carpenter as a 1st pick!!! This team is much better without Parcells and his drama also!

what cupcake has failed to say, was that he has won the majority of his games with the cowboys with the player tuna either drafted or developed. tuna record could have improved over a period time if he has stayed at valley ranch. cupcake benifits from the core of the team that was discovered by the tuna. let see if cupcake will be hoisting a lombardi trophy at cowboys stadium on feb 6, 2011, then cupcake can boast. until then he needs to keep his trap shut.

tell'em wade because they love eatin bill parcells nasty draws...the tub of lard did not do anything but draft demarcus ware.

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