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January 21, 2010

Jerry not ruling out free agency

Because the Cowboys made the divisional round of the playoffs, they will be limited in what they can do in free agency. In an uncapped year, which 2010 is expected to be, there is a “final eight rule.” The final eight teams are allowed to sign only one player with a salary of $4.925 million or more. They can sign as many free agents they want for a first-year base salary of $3.275 million or less. (The final four teams are even more restricted.)

But Jerry Jones said not to rule the Cowboys out of the free agent market.

"We'll take advantage of every opportunity we have to improve our talent," he said. "I say that with all due good feeling about the young players we've got."

Three of the Cowboys' draft picks from last year ended up on injured reserve before the season started, including tackle Robert Brewster, a third-round pick. Linebacker Jason Williams' development was set back by an injury in the third preseason game. He never caught up and played in only five games, on special teams.

"We've got those players that didn't even get to the field last year," Jones said. "...They've got a lot of work to do to get better."

-- Charean Williams


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Er, well this first blog entry was not concentrated enough. Re-do

Draft (imho): LT, Safety, CB, ILB, QB or big OL (T/G), and NT/DE.

FA's in order of $ and urgency: RB, PK, OL, Safety, ILB, CB, NT, OLB, DE, WR, FB, QB, TE, PU, LS.

sign own guys, ps check, draft, and then get selected fa's.

Well since Holland is the only cut so far (UFA...and good bye. he had his chance.).

If the rest of the guys are kept...then competition needs to come from within or draft.

Draft (imho): LT, CB, Safety, ILB, OT/OG (big and stout type), and NT/DE.

Let's see te, ot, og, de, nt, ilb, olb, cb, safety. check.

Need FA's at RB (big back or explosive type) to compete with Barber [assuming proper usage and substantial at that]

at QB [just don't see McGee doing much...just don't...is he better than a Matt Moore?]

and at FB [can't see no fb offense, if Deon goes down...]

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