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January 29, 2010

Just CHILL: Cowboys staff enjoying themselves

Clarence Hill 

The Cowboys contingent is certainly having a good time at the Pro Bowl. Of course, we expected that from the players. But the coaches are enjoying the Pro Bowl festivities as much or more than their families. Every day at the hotel it's been Cowboys beach at the pool, where the staff and their families along with the players and their familes have hung out.

On Friday, they took it to another level during a beach party. The coaches and their families danced and had a good time, showing a different side of themselves than you normally saw during the season. They promised me that I couldn't take pictures and put them on the internet.

So I'm a man of my word. I buried the video. But take if from me, the staff was a sight to behold, especially offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Normally buttoned up and tight-lipped during the season, Garrett let his hair down, cutting a rug and doing a few line dances. Didn't know he had it in him.

Cornerbacks coach Brett Maxie was the best dancer, though quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson and strength coach Joe Juraszek were willing dancers. As he does with the Cowboys on the field in stretching exercises, Juraszek led the dancing. He was a natural.

The only person missing was head coach Wade Phillips. His wife Laurie was there and she said she told Wade he was missing all the fun.

I joined in the fun as well. It was a good time and bonding experience that you don't get during the season talking about X's and O's on a daily basis.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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well, enjoy. but things can get silly (ie. stressful) really fast. people should get healthy and recharge batteries. heck, i still have to drop fifty pounds... hey was at 260...and not really measuring wt. i'll know. done it 3 times before. so.

oh, yeah, clarence, any idea if the Boys will get an assistant LB coach or assistant OL coach? maybe as minority interns? wes is ...well okay. has HC's approval . lol. but really. get an old nfl vet or some young ex-players?

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