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January 06, 2010

Just CHILL: The Cowboys will not lose to Eagles, ushering in a new season and new day in Dallas

Clarence Hill 

Book it. Write it down. Etch it stone. The Cowboys will not lose on Saturday. The playoff drought ends. It's time to start anew

This is not about destiny or fate. This is about the Cowboys simply being the better team. They are better than the Eagles. They have shown that twice already and will do it again on Saturday.

And please don't bring up the loss to the Giants in 2007 and how tough it is to beat a team three times in a season. No matter what Wade Phillips said, the Cowboys weren't the better team at the end of the season.

 Sure they beat them twice in the regular season and had home field advantage throughout the playoffs But the Cowboys weren't healthy heading into that divisional playoff matchup. Remember Terrell Owens was coming off injury.

 And they weren't mentally ready to handle the moment, as proven by Tony Romo's bye week trip to Cabo. The Giants were the better team and the one ready to live out their Super Bowl dreams with the upset victory of the undefeated Patriots .

Two years later, this Cowboys team is primed for a postseason run, ending the season as the hottest team in the NFC with three straight wins. They are healthy. They are experienced and matured.

Romo is a better quarterback and a better leader today than he was then. Receiver Miles Austin is a bigger game-breaking threat than T.O. was at the time. And without all the drama.

The defense is decidedly better than in 2007, too. That defense was a fraud with stats built on the back of an explosive offense and double digit leads.

This defense is for real and there may not be a better unit in the NFL right now, certainly not in the NFC. It has top tier play makers on all three levels _ defensive line (Jay Ratliff), linebacker (DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer) and secondary (Mike Jenkins).

But let's get back to Saturday's trifecta against the Eagles. Obviously, anything can happen. Eagles coach Andy Reid has never lost a first round playoff game. Phillips has never won a playoff game of any kind.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb has been to five NFC title games and one Super Bowl. Romo, like, Phillips is searching for his first playoff win.So I guess both could crumble on the big stage again. But if you buy into those old views of the Cowboys then you also thought they would fail in December again.

 Phillips was laughed at when he said the past didn't matter because this was a different team and different season. The Cowboys proved him right with a winning record after Thanksgving Day to end the season for the first time since 1996.

No one is laughing now, certainly not the Eagles, who were owned by the Cowboys in the regular season. Why? Because the Cowboys are simply the better and more complete team on both sides of the ball.
They will win on Saturday to truly usher in a new season and a new day for the Cowboys.

Not only are they primed for their first playoff win since 1996 but this new season of power and prosperity could end with a Super Bowl anointing as well.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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you're crazy dude.

13-3. remember that?

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