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January 21, 2010

Phillips signed through 2011 season

Jerry Jones just announced it at the Cowboys' press conference, which is still ongoing:

The Cowboys have reached an agreement with Wade Phillips, and he will remain under contract as head coach through the 2011 season.

Said Jones:

"We finalized the agreement late yesterday afternoon, and from our perspective, we’re comfortable with our agreement. I mentioned to all of you when we started training camp in San Antonio, how pleased I was that Wade was there to take us into this year and basically take advantage of his years of experience in the NFL. I believe so strongly that our fans, our team, our organization, are fortunate enough to take advantage of what we have not only built over the last three years of Wade’s being head coach, but also take advantage of his 33 years… Our fans and our team now get to take advantage of all the things that have evolved in making Wade the coach he is today."

Here's Wade's comments:

"We made some changes last year, we went forward, we will make more changes. we will address the same things and more than we did last year. I’m excited about being the coach here, it doesn’t matter if it’s one year or 10 years. With this team right now, I feel comfortable. We’ve gone further, we will go further. Our goal is to win the world championship, and that’s what I’m going to try to get done here. I think we have the team that can go forward and do that.

"Contracts are like players: You’ve got to come through," Phillips said. "We’ve been winning, but that’s not good enough. We want to win it all."

More to come, folks.

-- Tracey Myers


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Actually no problem with rehiring Wade. If.

If things get better. Coaches and players. Competition. Wide open at some spots.

Some better play calling ... and more discipline.

Hope his contract was incentive based: win season, win div., win no 1 or 2 seed, win Halas, win Lombardi.

But biggest incentive: win or else.

No more excuses.

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