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January 05, 2010

Roy is a winner... finally

Roy Williams has said he believes Jason Garrett and Tony Romo have lost faith in him. It seems that is the case based on how many chances he has gotten recently. Williams has been targeted on eight passes the past three games, with two catches for 18 yards and a touchdown as well as three drops.

Still, Williams continues to be a team player. He has not complained about his role and has taken full responsibility for the way he is playing.

"People don't see the small things that I do out on the football field as far as blocking and getting others open," Williams said. "It's just part of being a football team. Whether the ball is coming to me or not – who cares? We’re winning."


Williams, 28, is in the playoffs for the first time in six seasons. Though statistically his season and a half in Dallas have been the worst for him personally, he is happy to be on a winning team.


"I've said that since training camp," Williams said. "I would trade anything in the world besides my family and my kids for a win. I could easily be at home right now, coming from Detroit. I could be 2-14 but instead I'm 11-5, East champion. It's a great feeling."


Williams has 38 catches for 596 yards and seven touchdowns this season. He said he is hoping to start over in the playoffs and have a "Larry Fitzgerald-type run."


-- Charean Williams



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I hope Roy can rise above the rest of the WO's in the playoffs like Fitzgerald did last year. But Roy's got to remember, the Card's did not have a great TE to throw to like we have in Witten. Meant more catches for Fitzgerald. Plus Fitzgerald is fast, turning many first down catches into long TD's.

However, Witten opens up more things for Roy, as does Austin. That's why I am so stumped as to why Roy isn't getting open more or getting more passes.

Is Roy not getting open enough to warrant more rocks being thrown his way, or, is Romo not throwing to Roy in an egalitarian fashion even when Roy is open? Somehow I think it is a little of both.

Only way out of it Roy is to absolutely catch every ball thrown your way. No excuses. Did you ever see Lynn Swann's SB catches? Did you see that no-name's catches in the 2008 SB? Did you see the circus catches of Rice in all his SB's? Yup, that's right, Roy...you got to take your game to another level. To the outer stratosphere!

Roy, you've also got to start making instantaneous little 90 degree angle cuts away from defenders when they are right in front of you or running along side you.

You tend to drift right into them and negate any height advantage you have against them. Run your route, then cut, lightning quick, right or left away from your man--faster than you've ever done in the past. Tony see's you at odd angles and depths with your defender too close by you and hesitates to throw to you. If he sees a cleaner break you should see more balls in better spots for you to catch (instead of drop or watch fly over your head).

And let's face it--Roy is more of a ball-control type of WO who's play reminds me a lot of Keyshawn. He can break long plays but, getting first downs and 5-30 yard TD's in the back endzone corners are Roy's specialties. I know, I know. That's Witten's specialty too. Well, Witten stays back to block alot of the time. Get open then.

I do like Roy's attitude. We are going to need whatever he can give us to go far in the playoffs whether it is downfield blocking, 1st down catches, long bombs, or jump balls in the endzone. That Roy gets that is exceptional and gives me hope that the Boyz can and will succeed in the Playoffs.

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