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January 21, 2010

Schedules set in advance

I have heard some whining about the Cowboys' schedule for next season. Let's set the record straight: There is no conspiracy. The schedules are done years in advance. The Cowboys' 2010 schedule was printed in the NFL's 2009 Record and Fact Book.

The Cowboys have the same schedule as the other teams in their division aside from games against the Saints and the Cardinals. All four teams in the division play the four teams in the AFC South and the four teams in the NFC North. Because they won the NFC East, the Cowboys drew the first-place team in the NFC West and the first-place team in the NFC South. That's the Cardinals and the Saints. The Eagles drew the second-place teams in those divisions. The Giants drew the third-place teams in those divisions. The Redskins drew the fourth-place teams in those divisions.  

Yes, the Cowboys' schedule looks difficult. They have Green Bay, Minnesota, Houston, Indianapolis and Arizona on the road. But who knows? Will Kurt Warner retire? Will Brett Favre? Things happen. Injuries happen. 

They get Chicago, Detroit and Jacksonville at home. Those appear to be three wins you can write down right now. But again, who knows?

-- Charean Williams


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Geesh, I'd rather take the fact of a stronger schedule than the rest of the division as a motivator and reminder: get better. Work harder. Fix what was bad. Make that which worked better. The schedule is "tougher" only in the succession of the games.

But like in 2009, if the Cowboys had gotten better and won the first Giants game and at Denver...games were winnable. Not impossible. But then again, the season could have gone like 2007: great until Dec/Jan.


Just play the games. But get RHG to call the plays better, get better competition at some spots, get better backups, yada yada yada.

Thanks, Charean, for addressing the whiners with facts...not sure it'll quiet 'em, but...

One of the costs of winning this year is a probably tougher schedule next year. It's been that way for ages but some need to be reminded and others assured it's not another plot by the media to ruin the Cowboys' season.

Hope to see you again next season in the in-game chat room.

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