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January 27, 2010

Dat Nugyen's departure seems fishy

There is something not being said in the Dat Nguyen story.
It's one thing to want to pursue a job as a full-time position coach. It's another to leave the Cowboys staff without a job in hand.

Maybe one is forthcoming but, according to the Cowboys coaches, Nguyen quit without securing another job first. He is not headed to USC as some internet reports suggested a couple of days ago.

No one knows what his plans are. That doesn't make sense.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Hope that is not true. Please: not Raiders Central .... Need good coaches. But Dat should go where he can succeed. Very hard life of assistants ... imagine working under the Tuna or Belicheat. One thing to learn...but to put up with that kind of BS... then Dat could be mad that he didn't get cake, marshmellow or CUCAKES. Good luck Dat.

PS: As for Clancy:: where or where. Buffalo? Chan starts to collect castoffs from everywhere (Jets guys not rehired?) just curious. pro bowl, superbowl .... and then draft ... and then the rough days of just ota's: oh the agony, the pain; rather have a root canal or dental surgery [oops, darn, done that....errrr]

once again nepotism has ruled. Dat saw the light @ valley ranch and got hoodwicked in thinking he had a future with jerry jones. if your name is not phillips, garrett or from arkansas you on the outside looking in.

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