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January 30, 2010

Ware wowed by All-Decade honor

Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware doesn't know what to make of his selection as a member of the NFL's All-Decade team.
He has only been the league five years and feels he has so much more to accomplish, but is honored and humbled by the distinction.
"It's a honor to make the all decade team," Ware said. "I haven't even been playing for a decade. But that showed what I have accomplisehd in five years and what they think about you. But it's crazy. Wow. I have only been playing five years. I have been working hard. It's paying off."
There is no question Ware is worthy. A first round pick in 2005, Ware has 64.5 sacks and four Pro Bowl selections in five seasons.
He made this season despite battling neck, thumb and foot injuries throughout the year. He will have surgery next week to remove bone spurs from his left foot. He said is looking forward to getting healthy again and having a bigger season next year _ when he will begin work on making the upcoming all-decade team.
"I feel I could have done better this year," said Ware, who led the Cowboys with 11 sacks, down from his 20 in 2008. "I had some injuries. I played through them. I made the Pro Bowl. I am looking to get back healthy so I can really step up my game in 2010."
Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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The Saints winning the SB just further validates the theory that the Cowboys ownership does not know what it is doing in pretending to manage the Cowboys--draft, hire, fire, become invisible so the players/coaches can get their jobs done, etc.

What do I mean? Saints HC, Payton, should have been the Cowboys new HC when Parcells left at the end of the 2006 season. Had the Cowboys promoted Payton---Shanlee, Fujita, and a few other important players on the current Saints SB winning team would have been Cowboys--and all would have helped the Cowboys, not the Saints, win this SB.

But, Payton wanted too much control for JJ's tastes. Payton also didn't want anyone--and I mean ANYONE meddling in his coaching and managing of an NFL team. He also wanted to pick his own staff.

But, thanks to another in a long line of inept moves, most of which seem motivated only by this Cowboys Ownership's limitless desire for fame, camera-time, and personal glory. Yeah, you heard me. This ownership wants to be thought of as the mastermind of a SB winning team. It doesn't want to sit back and let the people it hires do their job for fear if they have any modicum of success they will get too much glory (like the Great Jimster got, and the real reason Jimster was booted). It wants to draft players too. It wants to pick its HC's staff. It wants to hang out on the sidelines and in the locker room. It wants the players to give it credit when they win and take the fall when they lose.

Isn't that just great?!! You put together a great team, great coaches, and you win a couple of SBs and you are shown the door. We, as true-blue Cowboy fans should have demanded back in 1994 that if the Jimster had to go, then JJ the football moron should go too!

We should have boycotted this team relentlessly and enmasse back in the 1990's till Razorback-breath was forced to sell the Cowboys to a meek and humble owner like that prince-of-a-guy who currently owns the Saints (and who now hoists a SB trophy!). This Saints owner just sits in his box and tells all his coaches and players to not come to him with any in-house spats. However, if someone doesn't perform, you will still be terminated from employ with his organization if the chain-of-command above you finds fault with your effort and performance. You can't be saved by running to his office and crying.

With the Cowboys, you have a confusing 2 head-coach system (JJ and fatso). The players are left scratching their heads. The Saints have a much clearer chain-of-command system that players can thrive in. It's obvious. JJ has to go.

Ware is the engine that makes this team go. Only problem is he has a meddling dunce for a team owner, a shrinking violet for a HC, and a few bums on offensive who don't want to give him 100% when they have the ball.

Do you realize how good Ware would have been and could be in the future if he had been (and could be) on a team with a more decisive coaching staff made up of better, braver leaders?!! To say nothing of the ownership who won't stay out of the way so the players and coaches can get their jobs done!

And I also feel sorry for Witten who, like Ware, is wearing out his body, literally right in front of our eyes, trying to get to the SB without much help from his teammates and coaches.

If I was Witten or Ware, I'd stop fraternizing with ownership in the offseason by saying, "I need to concentrate on getting to the SB. Please don't invite me to play golf with you in Hawaii just so you can sniff my jock and socks!"

just imagine if he plays the whole decade with more help at backup nt, and olb, starter at safety, and backup cb.

and with some reinforcements at ol, and maybe at wr and rb.

but also with some better OC by RHG. as in run the football. keep the TOP but hopefully score.

imagine if the offense becomes better and d get better. and with better return game.

another all decade?

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