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February 28, 2010

Just CHILL: Despite internet frenzy, Roy Williams' job as a starter is not in jeapordy, never was according to Phillips and Jones

Clarence Hill 

Ran into Wade Phillips Saturday night and he was not pleased with reports saying receiver Roy Williams' job was on the line based on an interview he had with reporters on Friday.

Phillips said his answer to a hypothetical question was taken out of context by an internet blogger, creating headlines on espn.com and profootballtalk.com.

 When asked if Patrick Crayton or Kevin Ogletree could replace Williams in the starting lineup if they outperformed him, Phillips said "We are going to play the best player."

Phillips said he plays the best players at every position and was not singling out Williams. He says he considers Williams of his two best receivers along with breakout star Miles Austin. 

The question was based on the general opinon that Crayton and Ogletree out performed Williams last season but were kept out of the lineup. Phillips even said at that time that that characterization was false.

That part was left out of the initial report.

On Sunday, Phillips' opinion was backed up owner Jerry Jones who all but guaranteed a starting job for Williams next season.

When asked if envisioned Williams not being a starter, Jones said emphatically: "No, No. A big No."

Jones understands that fans and some media have negative opinion of Williams because of his disappointing play since coming over from Detroit in a trade in 2008. He says the Cowboys and Williams share the blame for his poor production. But he doesn't see the criticism creating a negative environment that will prohibit Williams from succeeding here.

In fact he says its the opposite.

"Knowing Roy, I think it’s healthy. I think it’s healthy," Jones said. "One of the things that he’s really shown me is that he can handle that kind of situation. You can say criticism, but just how he can handle it. I’m sure he’s disappointed on a personal basis with last year. He shouldn’t be disappointed in his effort. I’m not, and we’re not. But the way he’s handled that and the way he’s kept working, that’s going to pay off for us."


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