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February 26, 2010

Just CHILL: Dez Bryant remains loyal to Deion Sanders

Clarence Hill 

Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant, who was suspended by the NCAA last season for lying about having dinner with former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders, is excited to be at the NFL combine and talking about football again.

He will not work out at the combine because of a tweaked hamstring. He will wait until his Pro Day at Oklahoma State But he is here doing interviews with teams in attempt to set the record straight about the suspension and his character.

Bryant is still considered the best receiver in the draft and a potential top 10 pick.

To his credit, Bryant takes full responsibility for what he terms a big mistake. He said he is a good person and that he was simply nervous when he lied to the NCAA because he thought the dinner at Sander's home in Prosper was a violation.

Sanders has taken a lot of heat for his relationship with Bryant and the subsequent suspension _ even though the dinner in question was not a violation. Bryant, however, has nothing but good things to say about Sanders, whom he calls a hero and a mentor.

 “He’ll always be one of my favorite football players," Bryant said. ““Deion is my mentor. He never talked to me about football, it was more of my personal life, just seeing if my mom was OK, seeing if my brother was OK, seeing if my sister was OK. He checked up on me every now and then. It made me feel good, just like any kid. It’s Deion Sanders. And he was telling me the right things, not the wrong things.”

Bryant said he will continue to rely on Sanders' guidance as he prepares for the draft and his rookie season in the NFL.


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