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February 27, 2010

Just CHILL: Native American Sam Bradford won't object to Redskins picking him

Clarence Hill 

Because Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is one-sixteenth Cherokee  he was asked about the ongoing mascot controversy concerning the Washington Redskins.  Many native American activists consider the name nickname offensive.

"I’m not going to address that issue," Bradford said. "It’s not something I have to worry about right now. If it’s something I have to face later on down the road I will. But there’s really no reason for me to address that right now."

Bradford was then asked if he would tell the Redskins not to draft him and he quickly smiled and said, "Ah, no," which elicited a laugh from reporters surrounding him. The No. 4 pick in the draft last year was linebacker Aaron Curry, who signed a six-year deal in Seattle with a reported  $34 million guaranteed.


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one sixteenth Cherokee, huh? some still worried about a sports team's nickname, huh? I am one sixteenth Cherokee as well, and as much as I loathe the Redskins, it's got precisely nothing to do with their nickname. Half the free world may well be one sixteenth Cherokee. Of all the issues we face, sports related and far more important, a team's nickname has to be WAAAAAAY down the list.

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