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March 26, 2010

Brandon LaFell to visit Cowboys

I just spoke to three draft prospects, and one confirmed he's visiting the Cowboys. LSU receiver Brandon LaFell said he will be at Valley Ranch on Wednesday. LaFell, a Houston native, will workout for the Texans on April 3.

Texas safety Earl Thomas, who has his Pro Day at UT on Wednesday, said he does not have a visit scheduled with Dallas but would love to visit the Cowboys. He said his dad would be doing "backflips" if the Cowboys even bring him in for a visit. The Cowboys likely would have to trade up from 27th to have a shot at him. The Chiefs, Bengals, Dolphins and Titans are among the teams Thomas is expected to visit.

Maryland offensive tackle Bruce Campbell, who has seen his stock rise, would not reveal his visits. He did allow the Cowboys would be a good fit for him but added that he "expects to be gone before then."

 -- Charean Williams


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I hope Jerry just stands pat and drafts the best player available. Alas, he loves trading picks too much, so I am doubtful it will happen.

Please no Bruce Cambell. Dude stinks. Dont ge all hyped up over measurable stats and workouts. Watch game film, it dont lie..LOL. If he was as good as his speed, weight,height, etc. He would be a top 5 pick hands down. This guy is average at best. Probably a 3rd round grade, but because of the combine he will go higher. We've seen what happens when we get enamored with measurables, you get a bust. Look at last year with Heyward-Bey. Guy had an amazing Pro Day. amazing Combine, lousy Pro Player. I mean LOUSY!

Thomas is a player worth trading up for. But I see Jones trading down to gain 2 or 3 six or seven round picks and then using those to move up 2 spots in the 5 or 6 round to draft a special teams player. Hahahha...funny but usually true. I think Jerry treats the draft like going to the casino. A day of fun for him. Wouldn't it be great if for once the Cowboys traded up into the top 15 and got a solid starting quality pick.

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