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March 23, 2010

Felix could start

Felix Jones became a bigger part of the Cowboys' offense in the final six games, including the two playoff games. He nearly became the team's starter. 

Based on how well he finished the season, if Jones can stay healthy, he might see the ball earlier rather than later this season. .

"That has been a consideration, and it certainly is a consideration," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando. "I see the advantages the way we’ve done it [with Marion Barber starting] and opening up real physical and intermediately bringing what Felix brings to the table. But it was a pretty close decision, really. It was a consideration: Is this the best way to initially start the game? I know this: We’ve been doing what we ought to be doing and that’s evaluating the running game and how we’re the most productive -- what plays, what formations give us the most production. Based on a preliminary input from our coaches that you could certainly see Felix in there earlier."

In the Cowboys' last six games, Jones rushed for 475 yards and two touchdowns on 64 carries. He caught 13 passes for 94 yards. That's 77 touches for 569 yards.

Barber had 73 rushes for 281 yards and eight catches for 77 yards, a total of 81 touches for 358 yards.

Both backs have missed time with injuries the past two seasons.

Jerry Jones said he might be concerned about Barber, considering his bruising running style has exposed him to some nasty hits in his 929 career carries. But Felix Jones and Tashard Choice ease Jerry Jones' mind.

"By having the depth, we can feel good about well, maybe Marion had him a couple of unfortunate seasons with some challenges injury-wise," Jerry Jones said. "Maybe we’ll get the big year out of him. If you did that, you’ve hit a home run."

-- Charean Williams


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I can see a 'payday' for the cowboys by 'flipping the script' on their running backs. Felix 1st and Barber 2nd. Felix will run them in the earlier quarters and Barber run over them in the latter.

What all of those backs need is a Darrel Johnson like Emmitt Smith had. Someone that can plow into the first line of defense and get them open.

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