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March 27, 2010

Praise for Tebow

The chances of the Cowboys drafting Tim Tebow are somewhere between slim and none. With Jerry Jones, you can never rule anything out, especially when we're talking about a talented athlete. But it doesn't seem likely.

The University of Florida quarterback has been the most talked about, debated and picked apart player in this year's draft. Tebow could go anywhere from the first round to the third. The Jacksonville Jaguars aren't going to use the 10th overall pick on Tebow, but I could see them trading into the bottom of the second round for him, much like the Browns did for Brady Quinn a few years ago. The Jaguars could give up a first next year and a second this year to get him. Would he be worth it? Maybe only to Jacksonville. If the Jaguars think he can sell tickets, they should do it. This is a struggling franchise that needs to sell something to keep it from eventually moving. The Jaguars also have a coach on the hot seat, so that means Jack Del Rio isn't going to care about sacrificing future picks. He needs help now.

Vito Stellino, a veteran beat writer for the Florida Times Union, asked Wade Phillips his impressions of Tebow.

"What a tremendous career he had in college," Phillips said. "How that transfers to the NFL, we don’t know yet. But if the intangibles mean anything, he could have a good career. One of the biggest intangibles that you can have [he has]. He's certainly a winner, and he makes plays to win games, so it will be interesting where he ends up."

-- Charean Williams


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This is part of the problem......he is content in that he feels he is "doing his job". Anthony, Look in the mirror, shave that silly beard off your face and tell yourself that just maybe, your teammates and coaches want and expect you to be more then "just a guy"! Time to step it up son!!

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