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March 23, 2010

Why the postseason only?

It might not make sense on the surface to have a different rule for the postseason than the regular season, but remember that the postseason overtime rule already was different before Tuesday. A postseason game cannot end in a tie. The game is played until somebody scores to break the tie in the playoffs. A regular-season game is tied if, after 15 extra minutes, no one scores to break the tie.

Rich McKay, the co-chairman of the competition committee, also pointed out that if a team loses the overtime coin toss and then the game, it still has a chance to earn its way back into the playoffs "if the game doesn't come out the way you want it.".

"In the postseason, there are different consequences," McKay said. "You go home if you don't win."

That happened to the Vikings, who lost the overtime coin toss and then the game on a field goal by the Saints. Minnesota never possessed the ball in the NFC Championship Game. Surprisingly, they were one of the four teams that voted against the proposal.

-- Charean Williams


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