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April 30, 2010

Bryant denies line of questioning

New Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant denied a Sports Ilustrated story about the line of questioning during the pre-draft interview between the Miami Dolphins and Bryant. SI reported Friday that Jeff Ireland's question about whether Bryant's mother was a prostitute came after Bryant was asked what his father did for a living.

According to SI, this is how the line of questioning went, starting first with Ireland asking Bryant what his father did for a living:

Bryant: "My dad was a pimp."

Ireland: "What did your mom do [for a living]?

Bryant: "She worked for my dad."

Ireland: "Your mom was a prostitute?"

Bryant was told about the report Friday between practices and denied that's how the question was brought up by the Dolphins general manager.

"No, sir," Bryant said. "That was a lie."

Bryant refused to comment further on the controversy, and in fact, would not comment on two other questions about it.

"No disrespect," Bryant said, "but I don't really want to talk about it."

-- Charean Williams


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Dez wishing you well as the new MI. But one thing can you cut the crybaby crap over what questions you got asked in interviews. Just take the $40 million and STFU.

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