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April 24, 2010

Just CHILL: Cowboys already at work on undrafted free agents (updated)

Clarence Hill 

Owner Jerry Jones said the Cowboys are going to sign bigger number of free agents than normal, possibly as many as 16. The team certainly needed a quarterback to get through this weekend's rookie minicamp.

They Cowboys have already begun the process with deals with the following prospects:

Delbert Alvarado, P/K, South Florida
Mike Tepper, OL, California
Matt Nichols, QB, Eastern Washington
Phil Costa, C, Maryland
Barry Church, S, Toledo
Chris Gronkowski, FB, Arizona
Lorenzo Washington, DL, Alabama
Terrell Hudgins, WR, Elon
Rashaun Greer, WR, Colorado State
Lonyae Miller, RB, Fresno State
Chet Teofilo, OG, California
Will Barker, OT, Virginia

Bryan McCann, RB, SMU


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the Boys may have found another diamond wr in Hudgins. He was the best reciever in production in the Southern Conf. That means nothing unless you see the Citadel wr drafted in the third round. I have seen them both and they are both going to play in this league. I like Hudgins size and you will find out his hands are exceptional. I love this signing. I hate potential with no catching skills. This guy can rid us of some of our projects that need to be doing something else

Any word on Tony Washington, OT from Abeliene Christian? He is definitely a work in progress, but would seem to be a good signing as an UDFA.

Mr Hill, glad to see you are out ahead of your fellow sports writers. So far you are the only writer to cover the after the draft free agents for the Cowboys. I only hope Jerry and crew will look at Micah Johnson LB from Kentucky. 3-4 teams are always looking for linebackers.

Barry Church can flat out play, i would not be surprised to see him make this team and make an impact on Special teams

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