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April 28, 2010

Just CHILL: Ireland was out of line for disrespecting Dez Bryant and his mom and there is no justification for it

Clarence Hill

Let's not go overboard giving Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland credit for manning up and apologizing to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant for asking him if his mom was a prostitute during pre-draft interviews.

What else was he going to do? It was out there in the public thanks to a story by Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.

If it wouldn't have come to light, Ireland would not be apologizing. That's the problem. It should have never come to that.

Ireland was out of line with the question in the first place. He simply went to far in his zest to find out everything he needed to know about a draft prospect. Some people want to blame the NFL and it's uncover-every-stone interrogation process. But that is no excuse for being crass and disrespectful.

Bryant didn't deserve that. His mom didn't deserve that. Instead of giving Bryant credit for overcoming a tough upbringing and reaching this point in spite of it all, Ireland had to go there.

Ireland was the Cowboys scouting director before going to the Dolphins as general manager. He came across as a good guy. That's why this whole ordeal is disappointing.

It wreaks of racial stereotypes that certainly have no place in a league filled with players who overcame rough upbringings.

Bryant's mother had him when she was 15. She sold drugs and spent time in jail. That Bryant is here should be considered a success.

By all accounts he has not been in trouble with the law. He has no known history of alcohol or substance use, let alone abuse.

His biggest so called crime was lying to the NCAA about having dinner with former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders. The dinner did not violate NCAA rules. But a nervous Bryant lied because he thought it was and was subsequently declared ineligible for his final season at Oklahoma State.

Ireland's question makes you some what understand why a nervous Bryant may have distrusted the NCAA and why he felt he had to lie.  

It also shows you that Bryant, whose supposed character concerns scared teams away from drafting him, has a lot restraint. Because nobody should be allowed to disrespect your mother and get away with it.

But the answer to Ireland's out of line question was no.

What difference would the answer have made it anyway. If Bryant would have said yes, what does that have to do with him and his ability to play football.

It was a question that should have never been asked that had no business being asked. Apologizing after the fact rings hollow.


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Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

To: Charlie Wilson-who are you referring to when you say "you guys"?..if you are referring to african americans as a whole, that implies that you are racist. You are basically saying that the black race (or having african american ethnicity) is a primary determinate for a person to be racist.

Clarence did not say that ALL white people are racist, he said the line of questioning wreaks of racial stereotyping, in this case it is the stereotype that black people with troubled past have pimps for fathers and prostitues for mother's. Would Ireland have asked the same question of a white draft prospect with or without a trouble history? Does he ask all draft prospects regardles of race, this question? If the answer two the questions is no, then racial stereotpying was a precursor for the questions.

In any case, the bottom line is, the question should not be asked of any draft prospect.

I don't care if Dez Bryant's skin color is purple with pink polka dots and his mother was Heidi Fleiss, it was not appropriate for Ireland to ask that question of Dezi. And the idiot below who thinks its okay to talk race--what does race have to do with anything? It only matters when bigoted idiots like you bring it up and make something of it. The only color(s) that should matter concerning Dezi is Silver and Blue!

And the only thing that matters concerning Dezi's Mom is "Will she be able to make EVERY Cowboy game so we can have a full "Moms Cheering Section" to help inspire da 'boyz to victory?!". After all, players aren't saying "Hi Mom!" to the camera for nothing!

I'm really tired of wingnuts screaming we can't talk about race and accusing everyone of making everything about race. Some things are about race numnuts and it is quite alright for us to discuss them. Some things aren't and it's alright if we discuss if they are or are not. If you can't deal with the conversation, let the grownups talk and come back when we're finished. Jeez. And the main people screaming "stop making everything about race!" are usually the main racial insensitive blowhards writing incendiary things about every person of color they see.

Uh, Clarence,

Not everything is racial stereotyping, so don't be so trigger happy in throwing something like that out there. That being said, Ireland's question is more on the side of tacky and rude. These draft picks are so important to a franchise's future they can not mess it up and they kind of lose sight of it all in not realizing that they're dealing with a person and not a piece of beef to be examined, timed and measured. Why would the answer have mattered Clarence? Well, if family turmoil or personal problems will take down a first round pick that you pay millions to....then it's very important. Here, it was just a fact of a line that shouldn't be crossed...it's a question that's important to know, but as a human being he should have known to hold back. Maybe let an investigator or background check do the job instead of outright asking them question. I give Dez a lot of credit for keeping his cool...I'm not sure many would not flip out over that.

Boy, you black media types just can't wait to play the race card, can you. Why is it about race? It is about right or wrong, it's that simple.
You guys are the racists, but you always want to blame it on the white guy. I am sick of it!

When asked Dez should have responded, " no, is yours?"

It was a misquote..Ireland asked if his mom was still a pusher.

Well, Dez, was she or wasn't she?

This was totally inappropriate...Jeff Ireland should have his families laundry aired and he should be fired. All he needed to know was what was his goals and if he could take directions. I cannot believe that anyone in a position at any company would dare to think they could apologize and make nice after doing something so distasteful


How much longer you going to kiss Jerry's backside and any of his mancrushes...GROW A PAIR.

why ask the kid at all.

called a police blotter... or criminal history.

hers not his.

i guess ireland needs a "playbook"...and a chapter that has a list of things not to say or ask. hey, writing some things down...does help. esp. if foot is going into mouth...

Jesus said:

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven."

While Ireland may or may not be rich, the point is that he represents money and his insensitivity shows how he is stuck in the eye of the needle.

They pay these guys millions of dollars....you wouldn't ask some embarrassing questions to know if your employee would eventually go off the deep end because of a troubled childhood? Of course you would.....

i think if anything it show s what kind of character this kid has-- by not walking out on interview after a question like that--- that question in a real job interview would have set u up for a law suit--- kudos for hanging in there dez-- however--- irelands' question has nothing to do with racial stereotyping---- absurd-- but typical response in these times--- enjoy reading your stuff-- thanks-- tom

Clarence, I agree with you regarding how Jeff Ireland handled this prospect. However, I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with you on your justification of Bryant lying to the NCAA. If he had dinner, then he should have said he had dinner, period, end of story. The truth should not be relative, but something that stands on its own merit. I am a bit amiss as to why you would think not telling the truth is justifiable.

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