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April 26, 2010

Just CHILL: Ware supports and believes in Free

Clarence Hill 

Linebacker DeMarcus Ware wants to clear up some quotes he made last week in ESPN regarding the departure of left tackle Flozell Adams and Doug Free's ability to take over.

Ware talked about the loss of Adams and inadvertantly seemed to show concerns about Free's ability to do the job.

Ware said that is not the case and he wants to set he record straight. He's gone against Free in practice the past three years and he likes what Free did in place of the injured Marc Colombo last year.

“To have a veteran line and losing one of the veteran guys on the line, it’s been a big thing," Ware said. "But sometimes, you’ve got to be able to move on with other talent like Doug Free. He started a lot of games on the right side. I know he can play left because I’ve gone against him in practice. I know he can get the job done. But, you know, I’ve been playing with Flo almost six years now. To lose a player like that is a big thing.’’

Ware acknowledes there is some uncertainty because he's never done it before but he believes Free can handle left tackle because he is more athletic than Adams and is a bonafide mauler.

 “Actually, he handles everything well. Coming in as a young player he wasn’t as big, but in the off-season he’s bulked up a lot. He’s gotten a lot bigger, gotten a lot stronger. He’s very quick. To be honest, he’s quicker than Flozell Adams when it comes to a lot of things that he does. To have that young guy in there, with the tenacity to maul a guy down, that’s what I call Doug Free, that mauler type offensive lineman we need.’’



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DeMarcus Ware, it your job/opportunity to school Free in the finer technics of line-of-scrimmage play. You outstanding defensive abilities could produce an excellent offensive left-tackle in Doug Free.

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