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May 02, 2010

Bryant does it again

Dez Bryant had worn down and worn out the defensive backs by the end of the last practice. He made several more spectacular catches Sunday at Cowboys Stadium, drawing oohs and aahs from the tour groups standing on the sideline.

"Dez Bryant is an absolute talent," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said Sunday. "You don't get to be around many players that come in and look that good that early. It's been 33 years and there's not very many that I can say look that talented at their positions for a three-day period. We're pleased with him."

With only three cornerbacks at rookie camp, they were dragging Sunday. SMU product Bryan McCann was held out of the last pass-coverage drills, with Phillips saying he was "worn down."

-- Charean Williams


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Did any scouts talk to Dez? Hes a pretty humble polite guy? So he did something as a kid growing up on the streets. I thought something was wrong when I saw Dez on video get hit late several times with hard hits and he'd just get up and walk away. I said to myself, "Is this guy a bad character?" If you are a Cowboy hater, you gotta be sick to your stomach listening to this guy conducting himself like a very nice young man with a great attitude. Too bad hes a bad man on the field as Gruden said!

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