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May 01, 2010

Bryant impresses again

In four practices over two days, Dez Bryant has made diving catches, leaping catches and one-handed catches. He has made the free agent (Matt Nichols) and workout (Pat Grace) quarterbacks look better than they are, while frustrating a drafted cornerback (Jamar Wall) in one-on-one drills.

"Sometimes I have to do a double-take when I see him do something," receivers coach Ray Sherman said. "But it doesn't surprise me with him. He makes it look natural. That's the thing about it. He looks very natural."

After his Pro Day in Lufkin in March, Packers coach Mike McCarthy raved about Bryant's hands. Bryant has showed them off this weekend.

"I just felt like it's God given," Bryant said Friday when asked about his hands. "That's something I love to do. If it's not a football, I stay tossing things up in the air. It's just a habit."

Bryant said he tosses his shoe, a tennis ball, whatever he can find while sitting and watching TV.

-- Charean Williams


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Fans better hear what Ray Sherman is saying.. Ray has coached goods and greats like Moss, Carter, Owens, Givens, Jake Reed, Rison, Drew Hill, Driver, Javon Walker and Heinz Ward. He has seen the greats. After two days hes stated Dez can be in a league of his own and will be special if he works hard. Now the statement about having to do a doubletake when he wayches Dez like hes in awe? After seeing the receivers hes seen? Wow we may be very lucky. Sort of like the Walker Trade! lol

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