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May 28, 2010

Crayton carping

Patrick Crayton stepped up the rhetoric Friday when he said on a local radio show that he would like to be sent to another team as soon as possible so he can begin competing for a position on the team.

He said he does not believe that he will get a fair opportunity to compete for playing time when the Cowboys open training camp in late July.

Crayton told Ben Rogers and Jeff Wade of the Ben & Skin Show on ESPN radio that he was not attending voluntary workouts because he did not feel welcome.

“The thing is you want to be wanted,” Crayton said. “So in order to be wanted and feet wanted and you’re not feeling that way, why would you go to a place where you’re not feeling that way?”

Crayton admitted that he had not been in contact with any member of the Cowboys executive or coaching staff, but said because of reports that the Cowboys had recently tried to trade him to Miami, he knew that he was expendable.

Crayton acknowledged that he is behind Miles Austin, Roy Williams and rookie Dez Bryant on the depth chart and also pointed out that the Cowboys are high on second year receiver Kevin Ogletree.

“It’s not going to be an open competition,” Crayton said.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said several times that he likes Crayton and that he believes the situation will work out. But there is little doubt that it is in the Cowboys best interest to keep Crayton until training camp if for no other reason than to have insurance in case of an injury.

There is also the matter of Crayton being under contract so it’s not like he is in the driver’s seat in demanding a trade.

 --- Jan Hubbard


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