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May 01, 2010

Irvin defends Bryant

Michael Irvin attended rookie practice today and he took time out to lecture the media on the first day coverage of Cowboys No. 1 draft pick Dez Bryant.

In the first day of minicamp Friday, Bryant -- who is wearing the same No. 88 worn by Irvin -- was winded several times and also threw up. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Wade Phillips defended Bryant, saying that the rookies were pushed hard the first day and it wasn’t uncommon for players to be winded or get sick.

Irvin said that he detected negativism in the coverage and he disagreed with the emphasis.

“I was working and I got some texts [that said] he looks great in practice, he looks great in practice,” Irvin said. “And then I got a text ‘Dez threw up.’

“That’s great. I found it interesting the coverage of it because I saw it as something great. Whenever you get somebody that is willing to push himself past the place where his body is saying ‘no more, no more,’ then you’ve got something.

“I want a guy that’s throwing up and still catching the ball. I can get him in shape in two weeks. It’s much easier to get a guy in shape that’s hungry than have a guy that’s in shape and not hungry.

“I used to do it out here all the time too. I used to push myself until I threw up and kept going. I want you to understand what it takes in your mind to [continue playing while throwing up[. You’re body is saying ‘what are you doing, stop.’ And you ,keep going and you keep going and you make that play. That’s a beast right there buddy. . . . that’s how you win championships and that’s the best thing I heard yesterday. It’s not the way y’all reported it.”

Irvin spent considerable time after practice talking one-on-one to Bryant, who was impressive in making several tough catches in practice.

“He’s a natural receiver,” Irvin said.

-- Jan Hubbard





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Michael Irvin once stated that he would push himself to exhaustion to improve. He is simply stateing that Dez Bryant, is doing the same thing and that some media reports have spun Bryant's vomiting, etc as a negative.

Moral character or character is an evaluation of a particular individual's moral qualities (the key word is qualities (as in plural). In other words their are several qualites that can be considered when determining a person's character. Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Kindness, Fortitude, Loyalty..and the list goes on.

As far as Michael's character is concerned, he made mistakes in the past. However, it appears that he has demonstrated some of the moral qualities listed above more recently. Many news mediums tend to report on negative events, rather than positive.

A few years back, when a pipe was found in Irvin's glove compartment, the media critized him relentlessly. Irvin stated that it belonged to a young man that attended his church, who he was trying to help. Many news reporters did not beleive Irvin. That was not unreasonable, given his history. However, when the young man later came out and told the truth. There was a very small arcticle regarding the matter.

Many people thought it was stupid of Michael to temporarily put it his glove compartment (to remove it from his home).

However, I looked at the fact, that Michael showed compassion, to not only assist someone through what he had been through, but also show loyalty in not sharing the man's name with news reporters simply to clear his own name. Loyalty and Compassion are character traits that I value.

I do not know any human beings that encompass and PRACTICE all of the "positive" character traits of humans. Michael has made mistakes, and Michael has made a difference, that makes him human. I would guess, unless you are God, that you too have made mistakes as well as made a difference.

People ain't so worried about Bryant's physical talent as they are his character. Havin' Michael Irvin address the former is preachin' to the choir; havin' him address the latter wouldn't convince anybody.

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