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May 25, 2010

Recruiting LeBron

NBA analyst Charles Barkley says he can "guarantee" LeBron James won't be playing for the Mavericks next season. It sounds like Cleveland, Chicago or New York are the most likely destinations for James. So how is this an NFL note? Glad you asked.... 

James is a big Cowboys fan, and the basketball player asked Jerry Jones to speak at his party during the NBA All-Star Game in Arlington in February. So Jones was asked Tuesday if he would help Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in the recruitment of James.

"I don't think that Mark or the Mavericks really need me in any way," Jones said. "They stand tall with what they could bring to the table for any basketball player, LeBron included.

"I got a chance to be a speaker at his party at the NBA All-Star Game. I don't know when I've felt any better about being asked to do something. Certainly, I think appreciate he's a Cowboys fans. He's a credit. He's a credit to sports and certainly is to the NBA. Mark Cuban doesn't need me to do anything but carry his bag for him."


-- Charean Williams


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