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May 26, 2010

Roy ready for competition

Fans may be frustrated with Roy Williams but he has always made it clear that no one is as frustrated as he is when he underachieves.

In 2006 Williams caught 82 passes for 1,310 yards in Detroit and seemed on his way to becoming one of the elite receivers in the league.

But after being traded to the Cowboys for four draft choices -- a No. 1, 3, 6 and 7 -- Williams has struggled. He had eight drops last season. Eleven NFL receivers had more, but it just seemed like Williams dropped as many as he caught (he had 38 receptions). He struggled so much that he became the butt of jokes.

Here’s one stolen from a press room: You know why Roy Williams missed practice on New Year’s Eve?

He was in New York to drop the big ball.

To his credit, Williams has never run from the press. He is as cooperative as any Cowboy. To paraphrase Charles Barkley, he takes his criticism like a man (Charles was actually much more colorful).

Williams knows, however, that with the addition of Dez Bryant, he has to play well to stay on the field. The Cowboys assigned Bryant jersey No. 88 for a reason -- they believe he can follow in the footsteps of Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin.

Some people believe that because of Williams’ five-year, $45 million contract he is guaranteed a starting job. Williams does not agree.

“It is a fair competition for the spots,” Williams said after a Cowboys workout Monday. “My thing is if you’re good enough, come get it. Like I said I’ve been working really hard this offseason. Obviously something that I’ve been doing the last two years hasn’t been working, so I take it another step further and it’s working pretty good this year. Hopefully it can translate on the field. But if it doesn’t, 88 is going to be right there regardless. I have to stay on my game to keep him back there a little bit.”

And to show that he still maintains a sense of humor, Williams reported on his conditioning and his hopes for opening night against the Redskins on Sept. 12.

“I’m lean, skinny. I’m running good, catching the ball well, finishing after the catch and just doing the right things,” he said. “Hopefully it can translate come Washington.”

-- Jan Hubbard


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That's why the press likes him because he give you his time in interviews, problem is, it does not win Superbowl's. If it did then we would give interviews to the whole team twice a day. But only play-making does that and that is why the fans have grown weary of Roy "excuse" Williams. No matter how many apologetic articles are written, he still must actually produce something. I'm betting he freely gives those interviews to continue his charade. He knows millions, more or less are on the line. Amazingly, folks continue to buy into it.

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