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July 20, 2010

Just CHILL: Bryant's agent wants to lead not follow

While it remains a long shot that first round pick Dez Bryant will be under contract before the Cowboys start training camp on Saturday, his agent Eugene Parker is hopeful that he can get wide receiver on the practice field as soon as possible.

Parker said the two sides didn't begin negotiations until Monday because Cowboys vice-president Stephen Jones was out of country. But he said they have good history of working together and doesn't think they will have any problems working quickly.

"We are going to work to get it done as soon as possible," Parker said. "They want it done. We want it done."
Of course, that is easier said than done.
The challenges of the uncertain labor negotiations and the possibility of a lock out next year have impacted contract talks across the league. No other first round pick is under contract and just one of the top 64 has signed.
Bryant was picked No. 24 overall. The Cowboys generally like to let players around their pick get signed so they can have basis for negotiations. But with No. 23 and No. 25 unsigned, the Cowboys won't have any current deals to go on.
Parker, however, remains optimistic. He said it shouldn't take long after they can get to some agreement on how to structure it.
"We don't have to follow, we can lead," Parker said.
 Last year's No. 24th pick, Peria Jerry of the Falcons, got $10.35 million over five years.

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