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July 05, 2010

Just CHILL: Marty B does a Bin Laden bit on July 4th. Did he go to far again or is it harmless humor?




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Marty b does a bin laden bit on july 4th did he go to far again or is it harmless humor.. Peachy :)

It's not too hard to see that Marty B and so many others lack the maturity to see the difference when it comes to good and poor taste. Is it really hard to see that this lack of maturity and focus translates to there success on and off the field. People don't change just because they are brought to a high profile job and given alot of money. Kids are kids till they grow up! The same can be related to Lebron and so many others. Heads in the clouds and not a foot on the ground. Super hype with no foundation. Cut off the money and there lives fall apart like an old puzzle. Nothing new here, that's for sure.

Richard Pryor was paid to make people laugh and he was very funny by the way. Jerry Jones is not paying him to make people laugh. He is paying Marty B. to play football. There is a big difference there. When you represent an orgaination such as the Dallas Cowboys, you must understand that everything you do and say will be scrutinized. The Cowboys and their fans have a valid reason to grow weary of Marty's tired act.

People need to lighten up. It's just a parody video, nothing more, nothing less. Humor is in 'eye of the beholder', what isn't funny to one is hilarious to another. Is there anything really wrong with making people laugh even if it is crass or off color? If so, then Richard Pryor never should've made it.

marty B serious things to talking all about needs.

Marty B. needs to recognize that nobody will care about him or his youtube vidoes if he is not a member of the Dallas Cowboys. If he keeps pressing the envelope on controversial issues, he will no longer be a Dallas Cowboy. Marty - be as passionate about making plays on the field as you are corny youtube videos and you will be a rich star for the rest of your life. What are you paying your bills with? Youtube video income or the Dallas Cowboys? Get yourself in check and help the boys win a Super Bowl this year.

Harmless fun. If he were a comedian there would not be a peep. Fans are clueless idiots to call for this guy to be cut. And the media are morons to try an tout this as controversy. Lets just cut one of the more talented players on the roster because he did a video. I'm sick of you loosers.

Betcha, Marty B would be interested in some of that JMarc syr-syr-syrup down in Mobile.

what a complete idiot!!!!!!!! The guy just doiesn't get it!! It's come time for Jerry to get rid of this clown.

Idle hands are the devils playground.

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