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August 31, 2010

Brooking will be ready

Linebacker Keith Brooking has a sprained AC joint that will sideline him for a second consecutive game, but he said Tuesday that he was confident it would not prevent him from playing in the season opener against the Redskins.

"My shoulder feels good," Brooking said. "As far as strength goes, soreness, it's very minimal. I have really good strength in it now. In an AC, it's actually putting the pads on and start hitting. Today I get to do that. That'll be a big test. Even if it hurts and it's sore, that comes tomorrow. It's not a major issue with the AC. I've had this problem before. It's something I've played through. It's the one joint in your body you can shoot up with no negative effects longterm. If it does come to that, which standing here right now I don't think it's going to come to that next week, I think the time off was necessary in order for me to kind of approach next week that way and not have to shoot up before the game. ... The ultimate test will be today, after I go out there and practice."

-- Jan Hubbard


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I left out Davis in the 9 central figures on this current Cowboy's roster who lead by example. Davis bulldozes at a Pro Bowl level. I wouldn't want to be in his path when he decides he is gonna bulldoze you into the turf.

And I bet 10 dimes to a donut he hasn't been playing at his best in preseason. When the regular season rolls around, I would suggest to ALL NFL D-linemen---"son, don't line up opposite big Davis." That's 400lbs you don't want to have to deal with.

This guy. This Brooking is the kind of player that every NFL team needs for his fiery play, his leadership by example, and his devotion to family and team. He actually walks what he talks.

I love this guy.

Whether Brooking played another down in the NFL or not I want him around till he retires to his rocking chair 40 years from now.

That's how much Brooking means to my and my families souls.

And you know what gives me HUGE hope for this current 'Boyz team? There a bunch of players on this team who are just like Brooking. Hard-nosed. Great athletes. Smart. Great family men.

Guys like Ratliff, Witten, Gurode, Free, Bradie J., Newman, Ware, Colombo etc. If I left anybody out it's not on purpose, I just don't have the space here to put every players name down.

We've got loads of young players that are learning from the 9 top veterans above. And all our young players are putting their health on the line to make plays. They are playing through injury. They are banged up. They've memorized the playbook. They're great athletes.

Youngins' like Austin, Bowen, Buehler, Crayton, Butler, Hatcher, Hurd, Jenkins, F. Jones, Spears, Spencer, Roy, etc.

Bunch of others I know, but this is all I could fit on this page for now. More will come later I'm sure.

Footballs a violent, dangerous sport. Anybody that plays it at an NFL level gets all my respect. Rook or no.

I just gotta believe they will put it all together during the regular season.

With this core 9 and our feisty 13 other starters, our chomping-at-bit backups, our active rooks, and our desperate free agents, there is no reason this team cannot rise all the way to the pinnacle.

Brooking, get that shoulder well soon my warrior. And please offload a little of the tremendous weight you carry for this team onto your rook--Lee. He's different than you, but, he's got all your qualities.


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