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August 28, 2010

Crayton goes off about finally going home, sorry effort and possibility of playing Thursday

Wide receiver Patrick Crayton went unplugged as only he can following the 23-7 loss to the Texans.
Crayton is the only Cowboys player who speaks with brutal honesty when talking about the team's woes. He didn't disappoint.
Are you looking forward to getting home after such a long camp?

"I’ve been looking forward to getting home, man. Been looking forward to getting home. That could have been the problem tonight. We just came out flat. We’ve had five weeks of camp. Everybody’s really hurting. …This is going to be this one doesn’t count it’s the preseason."
Can you take that attitude?

" Nah, you really can’t. You really can’t."
You can take losing, but not  the poor execution?

" I don’t think so. You can take losing. I mean, we didn’t execute right. You see what the other team does. They come out and beat the crap out of you like they did today. They beat the crap out of us today."
Can you just turn on switch and be ready for the regular season?

"We hope so. If we don’t it’s going to be a long season. I think we can definitely turn it around. "
How much of strategy did you hide with the vanilla play calling?

" There’s stuff we haven’t called. You hate it though. You hate that to be the excuse you don’t call plays, because it’s the preseason and you don’t want to show nothing. It is what it is. Execution wise we’ve just got to get better."
On the possiblity of playing in the preseason final Thursday against the Dolphins and risking injury to the starters:

"You look at more less as he’s saying you suck and you need to play Thursday. That’s the only way you can look it. You don’t look at it well, we need to see can they play a little bit. Everybody knows you suck and you’re playing Thursday. Plain and simple, that’s all there is to it."
Are you surprised by this?

"You talking about the tail whipping we just took? Does it shock me we got our tails whipped like that? Yeah, like that, yeah. There was no fight back or anything. It was like an MMA fight. They put us in a submission hold. Pretty much cut off our oxygen slowly by slowly until we had to just timeout. There was like a little fight in the fourth quarter. Other than that, nah."
-- Clarence Hill


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If Crayton is the only player saying these things in the locker room, the 'Boyz are in big trouble!

"Don't rock the boat". Are you serious? Houston rocked our boat good tonight! The real question is, "Are we man enough to go out and take out our frustrations from this game and rock somebody else's boat?" Namely a stinky, fishy team's boat this coming Thursday?

Sumbunny better hit the practice field real hard this coming week. Sumbunny better hit the playbook real hard this coming week. Sumbunny better play up on the balls of their feet this coming Thursday. And sumbunny better throw that worn out word "vanilla" into the trash can this coming week.

Get my drift?!!

Also, am I imagining things or does our OL look alittle light in the pants? Except for Davis I mean. You OL people better pump up to 325lbs or heavier each for this coming season. You better hit the weights and the training table hard! 305, 310, or even 315lbs won't cut it! Not in today's NFL.

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