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August 18, 2010

Dez Bryant In His Own Words: 'I'm with the dream team. It's an amazing feeling.'

Injured Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant held court with the media after practice on Wednesday. He talked about the extra work he got with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, when he might return and his still ongoing excitement to be living out his dream of playing with the Cowboys.

Saw you and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett doing extra work after practice:
"We were just going over plays. He wanted to make sure I was on top of my game and going over playbook. He wanted to know if I had everything down. He called a play out. He wanted me to go to my split. He wanted me to tell him what route I had. I was just calling it out for him. Everything went well. He wanted to make sure when it's time for me to go in I would be ready to go."

Did you pass the test?
"Yes sir, I did."

When will you play?
"It's up in the air. I should know something by the end of this week or early next week. I feel fine. It's not my call. I'm going to continue to keep doing what they tell me to do and go from there."

Is it difficult for you to be cautious and patient?
"It's very difficult. Y'all know I want to be out there bad. I have to listen to them. They have been doing this forever. They know what they are talking about. I just got to follow them.

What does the one-on-one time with Garrett mean to you?
"It means a lot. He believes in me. He wants me to know everything. He feels like I can help. Things look good."

How does your ankle feel?
"It doesn't hurt. At the same time, it doesn't feel like my left ankle. I still need more treatment."

Is it frustrating 'cause you were suspended and missed most of last year at Oklahoma State?
"Not tough at all. To be honest, I wasn't thinking about that. That is gone.That is in the past. The way I have been working, it don't seem like I missed anything. When it's time to make my debut, I will be ready to go."

Is it tough to pick up the offense when you're not on the field?
"I don't think it's tough at all if it's something you want to do. This is something I want to do. I love football. I have a strong passion for it. As far as getting mental reps, I'm good. Just like Coach Garrett went over it. We walked through it. I answered everything right."

Are you motivated to play against Miami 'cause of Jeff Ireland?
"That has nothing to do with it at all. That there is in the past. It's just strictly football. That's all it's about.
Me going in that last game I promise has nothing to do with what was said. If I see him on the field, I will shake his hand, shake Coach Sporano's hand. Everything is good. There was a lot of misunderstanding in that situation. Everything is fine."

Are you monitoring how the NCAA is handling the recent player/agent scandals at Alabama and North Carolina because of your experience last year?
"The NCAA? I'm a Dallas Cowboy. I got drafted with the 24th pick. That's where I'm at. This is the only thing that matters."

Do you feel like a pro yet or do you need to play a game?
"I need to play a game. I really do. I need to play a game. In a way I'm still kind of shocked. I'm with the dream team. It's an amazing feeling."


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Possibly God desires us to satisfy a couple of unsuitable folks prior to assembly the fitting a single in order that after we last but not least connect the correct man or woman, we'll know the right way to be thankful for that reward.

Dez is going to be great for a long, long time.

Crayton will take the #3 spot from Roy before the end of the season. He is so Romo friendly, versatile and has a never quit attitude. Crayton is living the American Dream baby....

Crayton is going to have some great showings especially when Dez, Austin, Felix and Witten on are the field with him. Crayton and Romo are on the same page. They can says a thousand words with just one nod.

Romo's throws to Crayton are almost effortless or even automatic. This is going to be a very exciting year for us. I think with Crayton at the number #3 we will not have the momentum killing drive ending drops we have seen the last couple of years.

Ya gotta love Dez. I know we're all hoping for him as a human being as well as thrilling at the idea of getting to see him play every week. My pupils are dilated!

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