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August 31, 2010

Dolphins will play their starters

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano wasn't happy with his starters after their preseason loss to the Falcons, and he has decided his starters need more work. They will play against the Cowboys. Wade Phillips announced Tuesday that after considering playing his starters following a 23-7 loss to the Texans that most of the first-teamers will sit Thursday night.

"I have no idea how much the starters will play," Sparano said. "That’s not up to me; that’s up to them. We’ll see how they go. We’re going to go out there and we’re going to play until one way or the other, either I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen or I feel like we’ve gotten the amount of work that I have scheduled for time right now in my head."

 Sparano, a former Cowboys assistant coach, was asked a follow-up question about what he wanted to see from his starters and was obviously annoyed.

"We stunk the other night," he said. "I mean can I be any clearer with that? We were not good the other night against Atlanta. I didn’t like any of it. I liked individual performances, so when I feel like, I know what my football team needs to be ready to play. When I feel like we’ve gotten there, whether it’s good, bad, ugly, whatever the case is in this situation. I certainly hope it’s going to be really good, but in my head I have a number of plays that I think some of these guys would still need to play. I’m looking at this fourth preseason game and saying, 'Hey, it’s a game. We get to measure ourselves against somebody else. They keep score and we want to win it.' At the same time, it’s like coming out here and getting 40 more plays of practice one way or the other, depending on who’s playing and how much and any of those things. In my head there’s some people that I have a specific play count for, a specific number of series for, and then there’s other people where I really have none. So I just want to see them play until I’m satisfied with how they play one way or the other.”

-- Charean Williams


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