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August 31, 2010

Parcells would like it

Cowboys fans, of course, are comfortable panicking in preseason. It doesn't matter that the home team has a 2-2 record. The team very simply has not looked good.

But that's outside looking in. From where  DeMarcus Ware sits, the view isn't so bad.

"I feel everything is great, to be honest," the Cowboys linebacker said. "I’m glad to be back here. No more training camp. Getting ready for Miami and then getting ready for Washington. Now you have something to really look forward to instead of just hitting each other and watching each other on film. Now it’s watching Washington, watching maybe some of this Miami game and get ready for the season."

The Cowboys were the only team to have training camp in two sites away from home and they also were away from home for the longest. But Ware said that doesn't make them tired -- it makes them ready. And he invoked Bill Parcells' name to make a point.

"Parcells always said he wants you battle hardened," Ware said. "I think that’s what training camp did for us. Five weeks of training camp, I think that’s going to help us out throughout the season when there’s hard times in the fourth quarter, at the end of the season being able to work through those tough times."

- Jan Hubbard



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