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August 20, 2010

Super Bowl for Cowboys?

A fan yelled a question at Wade Phillips as the Cowboys coach finished his media interviews Friday. “Hey, coach, are you going to win the Super Bowl?"


“Yeah, we are,” Phillips said, not missing a beat as he walked off the field.


Cowboys Stadium will host the Super Bowl in February. No team has ever played the Super Bowl in its home stadium. But Phillips said that is not added motivation – or pressure – for the Cowboys.


“Where ever it is, we’re trying to get there,” Phillips said.


Phillips, though, said there has been no mention of the Super Bowl. In his first speech to the team, Phillips told them how many days there were until the final game of the NFL season. The Cowboys, Phillips said, are focused on the here and now.


But he also understands fans and media in Dallas-Fort Worth talking about the Super Bowl.


“The Cowboys have been talking about Super Bowls, been to a lot of Super Bowls and have a great tradition that way,” Phillips said. “And we have some good players and good coaches, I hope. We’ve got our chance; we’ve got our opportunity. That’s what we tell them all the time: It’s our opportunity. Take advantage of it.”


Jerry Jones, on the other hand, has reminded his team over and over again about where the big game is.


Jerry, talk about the Super Bowl?” Phillips said, repeating the question with a laugh. “He talks about the Super Bowl every year no matter where it is. When Quincy Carter was here, he was talking about the Super Bowl. Once you’ve won like he has several times, that’s the ultimate, and that’s what we’re looking for. And we are trying to get there, building toward that. But we’ve got to go out and do it now.”


-- Charean Williams


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I shoulda proofed that.....obliterated and machine.

Theres no way the Cowboys will be in the Superbowl. The schedule is a killer and that means no home field advantage and a guaranteed road game to a domed stadium and getting oblieterated like last year. The offensive line is atrocious and the Red Zone offense is a fg maching.

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