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August 13, 2010

Wade Phillips post game: Says Cowboys need a lot more work and best thing is no new major injury

Overall thoughts
"I tell you what I told the team. This proves we have more work to do. I'm not happy obviously with the results.
I thought we played more like the first preseason game than the second one in some areas. I thought we had complete control of the game and lost it in the fourth quarter."
Short week impact you:
"I dont want to make any excuses. I think we could have played better in some areas. The only good thing out of it is we didnt get anybody hurt. That's what I feel right now."
Poor offensive line play:
"I didn't like getting sacked five times the first half. I can tell you that. That is not good enough. We got things we need to work on. We didn't execute well enough."
Offense overall:
"We we didnt score. We could have kicked  a field goal with the second team in the first half.  But we didn't. We went for it on fourth down and didn't make it. We had our opportunities. But we kind of gave it away."
Mcbriar and Buehler had great nights:
"That's true. Im glad you pointed out something good. Buehler kicked the ball well again. He kicked the fiedl goals really well. I thought he hit them really well. Mcbriar had the game we expect normally from him. Buehler bombed them on the kickoffs.
Did they bring more pressure than you expected:
"No they didn't. They played pretty basic defense. They didn't rush us like  we saw last week. I didnt see it. Last week Cincinnati  blitzed us quite a bit. I saw a four man rush. I don't think i saw a five man rush."
More disappointing they got sacks with four man rush:
"Whether it was coverage or whatever. We held the ball for a long time. They didn't beat us clean now. I thought it took a long time. I think we held the ball a long time. I don't know if the receivers weren't getting open. I will have to look at the tape."
Running game woes because of tight end injury woes:
"After witten went it out it was a project for us to run the football."

And before he went out:
"I dont think we ran it well enough. We moved the ball some. I just think we did well enough over all."
First team defense dominant:
"They are a pretty dominant group. I think we saw that. I think they played better this game than they did last game. They played well last game. We let them rush some and play some coverage. They did a good job of that too."
Starters played on nickel defense:
"We played them on third down some so they could play more. They only played six plays and there were two three and outs.
I wanted the second group to get some work with the first and second down stuff. We needed to work our dime defense. They did well there.
Mcquistan at tight end:
"Just something to get through the game. That was not unbalanced. He played tight end. He had to report.
Who do you expect back from the injured guys for next week:
"I expect a lot of those guys back for San Diego, quite a few. I don't know about practice on Saturday.I expect a lot to play, Lee, Akwasi and Martellus. They should play."
Red zone woes attributed to being vanilla again:
"I dont have an answer for that. We work on it. We are going to keep working on it. We got some things we need to work on . We are going to work on them. I think our players know that."


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Preseason outcomes don't mean anything to veterans. They just want to work on some techniques and practice studying and preparing for opposing teams. Yeah! Yeah! Our first team OL looked bad, but, ask yourself if they were motivated. No they weren't. They acted like they couldn't wait to get out of the game to see what their backups and free agents could do.

I'm not putting much stock in this preseason game against the Raiders, but, on the other hand, I don't want to totally dismiss the either "lack of effort" or the "lack of talent" that I saw. Which is it guys? I hope it's the former.

Keep practicing, keep improving. Defense is going in right direction. I like what I'm seeing from some rookies (McCann, McCray, Wall(TD notwithstanding), Farr (just got here though), Teddy Williams, etc... and some little used vets on D (Leon Williams, Jason Williams, Butler, Siavii, Octavien, etc.)

Because the O hasn't done anything yet, except that linebacker kicker, I'm reserving judgement on them right now. Yes, you can say so far that all players on O--rooks, vets, free agents--stink right now. But, it is the preseason. However, I would suggest that those O players that are trying to make this team to step it up and make a few big plays ASAP. You haven't got much time left to show us what you got and that you deserve a spot on this team. Or is that really all you got?!!

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