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September 15, 2010

Tough week for Barron

Alex Barron has probably been the most unpopular player in town this week. A holding call against Barron on the last play of the game against the Redskins nullified a Roy Williams touchdown reception and ensured a Cowboys defeat.

Barron, who had replaced Marc Colombo as the starting right tackle, did not talk after the game, but he did finally face the media on Wednesday. Here are some of his comments.

-- On his performance: “It wasn’t where it needed to be [and] that’s for us to get a victory at the end.

-- On players being supportive after Barron apologized: “It was a couple of things that were said. I just said what I said to Roy [because] he scored the touchdown. But at the same time, I have to be accountable on my end and I was brought in to help the team the best way that I can. That didn’t help, so I take responsibility for my actions.”

-- On this week: “It was a tough week. You never want to have a game or plays like that, being that the game could have been won,. It was one of those things you got to deal with and look at the tape and talk about a couple of things to work on and work on those things and get better.”

-- Would you like a second chance? “Yeah. First and foremost nobody wants not to be a starter. But things happen and if things are switched and we’ll see what happens.”

--What was the technique error on the last play? “Small technique error on that play. One of those things. A small technique error, something that can be corrected.”

Barron has a recent history of problems with penalties. In 2009, he tied for the NFL lead with five holding penalties. He was called for two more, but they were declined. Overall, he has eight holding penalties in his last 17 games.

-- Jan Hubbard


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