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September 13, 2010

Choice protects the ball well

Tashard Choice has touched the ball 199 times from scrimmage in his career. He has fumbled only once. But it was a big one Sunday as DeAngelo Hall ripped the ball from Choice's hands as Andre Carter and Lorenzo Alexander gang-tackled Choice. Hall picked up the loose ball and ran 32 yards for a touchdown on the final play of the first half. It was the only touchdown the Redskins scored in their 13-7 victory.

"I have always been taught to hold onto the ball," Choice said Monday. "I don't fumble. It's something I don't do. I didn't do it in college, and I hadn't done it in the pros until yesterday. That's something I am going to hold against myself. I have to make sure I regroup and come back from it."

Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett and Tony Romo's fingerprints are on that fumble, too, as no one called off a Hail Mary play call after a holding penalty on Alex Barron moved the ball back to the Cowboys 36, and Romo dumped off the pass to Choice.

"Our mentality right there was to go and try to score," Choice said. "I could have laid down; I could have gone out of bounds, but that ain’t me. That’s just not my style. That’s not the type of player I am. I try to make something happen. And I shouldn’t have. I have got to be smarter. But anytime I have to make sure I secure the ball. That’s just my bad."

Choice had five carries for 18 yards, including one for 4 yards out of the Razorback or single-wing formation. He also had two catches for minus-2 yards.

-- Charean Williams



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the redskins? really? you guys are killing me in d.c....jason garrett needs to go-i've thought that for the last 3 seasons. tony romo played well last season-he's a good qb-with good stats....regardless-- i don't see him being the guy to take the cowboys to the superbowl....he's just a guy with good stats- mr. fantasy football quarterback- look at his history - he's never won the big one-not college, not high school- nada. and i'm sick of hearing the standard quote from him after a loss--yada yada improving....excited to learn from mistakes.....yada yada try to improve... did he ride the short bus or something? he doesn't seem to learn from those mistakes--some of it's just common sense-like take a knee when there's 4 seconds to halftime-no matter what jason garrett calls. a good qb would've known better-peyton would've seen that as a bad call-and would have nixed it.

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