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September 17, 2010

Cowboys will practice at the stadium today

The Cowboys will move their second practice in as many weeks, but not because of rain. Coach Wade Phillips wants the Cowboys to get a feel for Cowboys Stadium before their home opener Sunday against the Bears.

"I like to do it when we're playing a home game," Phillips said. "It gets you back in the feel of home. When you say home, you want it to be your home. You want it be something you fight for, something that you're familiar with. Not just, 'Boy we went there eight times.' I think that's valuable."

The Cowboys finished 7-2 at home last season, their first in the $1.2 billion stadium, with losses to the Giants and the Chargers. They beat the Eagles in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

Phillips said the Cowboys have a home-field advantage because their stadium is so unique with the HD board and the retractable-roof and end-zone doors. 

"There are a lot of distractions if you haven't been in a stadium like that before," Phillips said. "I was lucky enough to play in the Astrodome when I was in college [at UH] and it was kind of the place to play. We find teams doing kind of the same thing, looking around and going, 'Wow, look at this.' Of course, the crowd makes a difference no matter what. We have a great home crowd, and they pack the stadium for the Cowboys and cheer for the Cowboys and that helps. As much as anything, that's a key factor."

-- Charean Williams


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A. Barron should have been terminated. Cut. He is stupid and will never change because the man is hopeless.

Great and superb post, i think they will practice more hardly now.

I hope the practice in the home stadium really motivates the offensive. This team is one of the most talented, if not the most talented in the NFL. I hope to see that offensive roll on Sunday in that new 1.2 billion dollar facility.

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