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September 27, 2010

Houston: The Day After

The Texans and their fans desperately wanted a victory over the Cowboys yesterday. The Texans had already beaten the hated Colts at home and they had everything to gain. A victory would have elevated them from a two-game phenomenon to a legitimate contender. They would have been dancing with the term "elite." Plus they would have embarrassed the Cowboys with a third consecutive Dallas loss.

The Texans had everything to gain, but, again, they lost. The only team in the four professional sports league that has not made the playoffs was made to look very bad at home. 

The fans certainly were excited and supportive. The Houston Chronicle reported today that the decibel level in Reliant Stadium reached a high of 117 yesterday, which is eight decibels below the pain threshold.

After their 27-13 loss to Dallas, however, the Texans were left only with rationalizations. 

"There are a lot worse places to be than 2-1," quarterback Matt Schaub said after the game.

That's true, but the humbling thing for the Texans is the way they were dominated. They gained 99 yards in the last four minutes of the game on a desperation drive, a recovered onside kick, and three plays before an interception. Their high power offense had averaged better than 440 yards in the first two games, but they had less than 300 before those last two drives.

At the end of the day, instead of discussing whether they should be considered among the elite teams, the Texans suddenly are faced with a road trip to lowly Oakland. And based on their meager history, even a poor Raiders team poses a threat.

-- Jan Hubbard


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