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September 27, 2010

Jenkins feeling good in body and mind after big game against Johnson


The bye week came at a good time for cornerback Mike Jenkins as well. He played against the Texans with a deep knee bruise.

He said he came out of the game no worse for wear but admitted he will enjoy the time off to recuperate.

"Part of you wants to get back out there and try to get that streak going," Jenkins said. "But we need this break big time for the injuries."

Jenkins will also use the week to savor a strong game against Texans all-pro wide receiver Andre Johnson. Jenkins had an interception while covering Johnson and now some bragging rights.

 Both are from Florida.

"You want to go against guys like that," Jenkins said. "I mean, it’s a big thing for me just because I’m going against a lot of Florida guys anyway. It’s competition, talk, bragging rights going back to South Beach."


Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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