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September 01, 2010

Jerry Jones bristles as Babe Laufenburg joke, compares him to Dale Hansen


Things got a little testy at the Cowboys kickoff luncheon on Wednesday when a joke by team radio color analyst and Channel 11 anchor Babe Laufenburg apparently raised the dander of owner Jerry Jones.

Laufenburg seemingly took a shot at the excuses the Cowboys have been making about their poor play in the preseason and accusations that other teams were game planning and they weren't.

In responding to Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach's suggestion that the former Cowboys in attendance take on the curent team in a flag football game, Laufenburg warned: "Remember Roger you can call your own plays but make sure you don't game plan.''

There were few laughs at the head table.

Of course this was after Laufenburg made another joking comment about not knowing what the coaching staff was doing by keeping breakout star and 2009 Offensive Player of the Year Miles Austin on the bench for so long.

When Jones got up to speak he had a few pointed comments about Laufenburg before he went on with his state of the union to the fans in attendance.

"I know you are ready even though you haven't had a game plan," Jones said to the team then he went after Laufenburg.

"We got one of the most sarcastic and condescending sports announcers that I have ever been around in Dale Hansen. I would hope Babe Laufenburg you wouldn't use him as your role model."

Jones went to advise Laufenburg that has he continues his career he hopes he won't try to "emulate Dale Hansen."

Hansen is the sports anchor at Channel 8 and a former Cowboys radio color analyst from 1985 until 1996 when friction with Jones and then coach Barry Switzer led to his departure. Laufenburg replaced Hansen as the color anaylst.

Clarence Hill


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I used to abuse the unusual usage, but I'am not used to doing so.

Doomsday, you picked a perfect name for yourself. For your attempted destruction of my freedom of speech is like a "doomsday" device aimed squarely at the incredible intellect of giant minds like mine, presence and Laufenberg. Stupid is as stupid does.

FYI psycho--I don't know presence. He's just another human with a free mind of high intellect who also takes umbrage at your vicious, demented, uneducated, and evil vitriol. And, yes, for your tiny information, I am married to a woman who would never come within 100 yards of someone like you.

You blasting personal attacks at me, presence, and my Wife without even knowing one of us proves your goofiness. I never attacked, nor ever would attack, your wife or friends. I don't know them. But, I will counter any venom you spew about my opinions on the 'Boyz and local journalists.

Oh, and, as for NASA calling on me--they did come calling over 30 years ago on me and over 20 years ago on my younger brother (who was an AF fighter pilot Wing Commander at the time and is now an AF colonel). We turned them down as they had no future lunar mission plans that included the installation of a lunar base on the surface of the moon--the next logical step in the future of manned lunar missions after the Apollo Missions.

There's nothing wrong with my writing either. You've been able to understand it albeit at a rudementary level.

Clean up your act or go home!

Oh, and regarding your lunar module analogy (what?)-don't worry, judging from your writing, I don't think NASA will calling any time soon.


If you read carefully (but why bother?), I quoted BOTH of you morons before I instructed you BOTH to go to a political blog with your political bu11sh1t. You have no clue what my politics are, and you never will. Give your hate to someone who cares. Clueless and classless.

@johnarlington and presence...you two need to get a room. you're both full of shite.
i should have known that johnarlington was a self-righteous YANKEE! i'm sure you don't even have a wife, so don't even comment on that subject. if you do have a wife, i'm sure she's a dumb, deaf, and blind.

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"Presence" below is the only sane person here--saner than me for I choose to waste my valuable time trading jabs with mental midgets.

I'll spell it out for you small-minded morons again--Laufenburg has the right to his opinions, even if he doesn't agree with his boss' current assessment of the team. Your corporate masters do not have the right to tell you what to think sportswise.

If I like the Yankees and my boss likes the Dodgers, he can't fire because of it. If I believe the 'Boyz haven't shown anything yet, and he believes they have, he can't fire me for my belief. Good corporate leaders don't want nothing but "yes" men around them. If JJ does, then he will never get back to the SB. I guarantee it!

Let me put it to you this way so even you 3 can understand what I'm saying (in case the above flew right over your heads)--if I was one of the astronauts in the lunar module on the moon during one of the Apollo Moon Landing Missions of the early '70's, I'd rather have Laufenburg at the mic in Houston Control guiding me home than JJ (or you three idiots!). Nuff' said!

Great post JohnArlington. Even better for the whining that followed!!! Love it when idiots get tweaked.

@johnarlington...i have three simple words for you: GFY. oh, and i have your "boy" right here buddy.

let me ask you question richard cranium, do you really think ANYONE in the Cowboys organization give a flyin' flip about what people like you or laughingstock have to say? they don't even read your barely coherent diatribe...nope, it's poor saps like us that are stupid enough to read through your POS post.

don't forget though, gfy.

Corporate America? Left-leaning, whiny, liberal, cohorts? What the hell were you two reading?

This is a story about a smart-ass reporter and a megalomaniacal bully exchanging snide, petty remarks. Please find a more appropriate forum for your knee-jerk political bile. The smell makes me want to puke.

JohnArlington: Who in the hell says that TRUTH is what you're getting from Babe Laufenburg or from any other hater journalist who's 'real agenda' is to hate on JJ and the Cowboys organization. Take your 'ramblings' for example....you quickly 'expose' your 'real agenda' when you start naming everything you really hate about America (and America's Team) and I don't really need to repeat your long list again. Go back to sucking on mom's hind-tit with the rest of your left-leaning, whiny, liberal, cohorts. Real Americans are sick and tired of hearing liberal 'trash' whine about success people and their attempt to make America proud again. Yes, it's not easy but JJ is willing to pay big bucks and put out a product that all of America will be proud of.

Cowboy Fan from the Heartland (Indiana)

I'm no fan of Jerry-the-GM but I love Jerry-the-owner.

Babe needs to learn you don't embarrass Jerry on Jerry's dime. That's what got Brad Sham canned for a year until he got back in Jerry's good graces.

Is Jerry thin-skinned? Apparently so; Babe can say anything he wants when he's not working for Jerry.

But you don't make jokes at the boss' expense, especially while the boss is still paying you

What? You can't criticize the emperor? "whocares" you sound the dumb, stupid, redneck good ole' boys that dot the landscape around here in cowboys land. You also sound either like a brown-noser JJ employee, JJ himself, or a JJ family member--or at least someone in the JJ inner circle...BOY!!

You chastise a former player for small criticisms? You should be chastising players and coaches for poor play and poor preparedness.

I'll be doggoned if I or any other supposedly "free" human being can't make a small criticism of the Cowboy’s team, coaches, and ownership, especially with the crap we’ve seen these past 4 preseason games. Are we supposed to be “mum” when we see something wrong brewing on the horizon with this team, and, with the regular season right around the corner?

And what's "brewing on the horizon" is what Laufenburg was hinting at--this 'boyz team doesn't appear ready for prime time--YET! He didn’t blame specific players, coaches, or the Ownership. He included everybody from the top down. Laufenburg at least "played the game" no matter even if he WAS a backup! So he IS entitled to his opinion. More than I can say for you boy!

Why is everyone so afraid of big, bad “corporate” America? So much so journalists are afraid to speak the truth in their columns for fear of being fired. That people helping manage a large organization like the Cowboys are afraid to blow the whistle and speak “constructive criticisms” to players, management, and fellow ‘Boyz fans speaks volumes as to current poor preseason state of this team. I DON’T WANT CORPORATE PROPAGANDA! I WANT TRUTH!

JJ’s reaction is proof positive that he may still be a ways away from building a “Winner”. If JJ has cooled down today, then he is back on track to building a winner. Tearing down a truthful journalist won’t get you a SB title. Making players and coaches accountable will.

Maybe Laufenburg struck a nerve and riled JJ a bit. Hopefully JJ’s has gotten over it and realizes Babe is right. Laufenburg truly wants this ‘Boyz team to be as successful as it can be. That’s the ONLY thing he is guilty of. How can you brow-beat a man of journalistic integrity like Laufenburg? I don’t get it.

In the final analysis, it is Laufenburg’s fiduciary duty to report the current state of the ‘Boyz team to the fans. If he see’s disarray, he has to tell us about it. Is he supposed to spout nothing but roses, milk, and honey about this team?! I, for one, don’t want him to. I want him to tell me like it is. If he would have said something politically incorrect, racist, or cussed, then, you would have a case.

And one final thing—I cannot believe that former ‘Boyz Greats did not come to Laufenburg’s defense. They should have been standing right beside him saying the same things. After all, complacency, ignorance, non-accountability, and low-talent level did NOT win them their Super Bowls.


i don't even know what qualifies Laughenjoke to even work around the Cowboys...is it because of his pathetic time here?

if he doesn't watch it, he'll be a FORMER employee pretty soon. don't bite the hand that feeds you boy.

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