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September 28, 2010

Just CHILL: Bryant a superbly talented work in progress

Clarence Hill

Rookie receiver Dez Bryant is talented. Regarding that, there is no doubt. He has flashed brilliance all season and did so again against the Texans with four catches for 50 yards.

His best catch was one that didn’t count, leaping wonder down the left sideline. It would have been a touchdown, but he landed out of bounds.

But he is also still a work in progress _ albeit a talented one. That he is needs growth was shown on another play against the Texans when Bryant allowed cornerback Kareem Jackson to push him out of bounds before coming back in to make a 37-yard catch and run for a touchdown.

He was flagged on the play for illegal touching. In college, you can come back in bounds to make a catch. You can't do that in the NFL.

Coach Wade Phillips said Bryant knew the rule. The problem was with his technique. He should have used an inside release rather than an outside release on the route, and he wouldn't have been pushed out.

According to Phillips, Bryant had the opposite problem against the Bears last week when he allowed himself to get pushed inside on a release. Clearly against the Texans he was trying to overcompensate and not make the same mistake again. Instead, he made the opposite one.

Clarence Hill


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Clarence, I rewound that pass play to Dez several times and it is odd to me that no one else saw it as I saw it. It appeared to me that Dez was 6-7 yards downfield when the contact was made, forcing him out of bounds. It should have been illegal contact on the defense in my eyes.

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