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September 29, 2010

Just CHILL: Dez Bryant misses practices, sore hip and sore wallet


Clarence Hill

Rookie receiver Dez Bryant missed practice Wednesday because of a sore hip.

There is no truth to the rumor that the pain is where he keeps his wallet, considering the roughly $55,000 tab he rang up at a restaurant  when he took his offensive teammates out to dinner Monday night.

No this pain came from Sunday's 27-13 victory against the Texans when he caught pass down the left sideline and ran into a photographer. Bryant contined to play in the game. The injury is not considered serious.

The Cowboys held him out of practice for precautionary reasons because there is no game this week. He should be ready to go for the Oct. 10 matchup against the Texans.

However, nothing is likely going to ease the pain in his wallet.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Um Barry... You got it wrong.The Cowboys have to stop Chris Johnson in the running game. Also they have to run the ball more so Romo has less pressure on him. Or mark my words Barry, the DONUT will be sunk and he will not be eating or sleeping for some time. Schoolboy Garrett has to get DEZ down the field because he can change the game for the Cowboys.

Barry...The next game is against the Titans, not Texans!!! Its best all the NONSENSE stuff about Dez and his payout dinner be done with. Its time for the Donut to focus the palyers on the next two tough games: Titans then @ Barry Favre. We shall discover if the Texans game was an abherration or a trend. Both Fisher and Barry Favre will be very difficult outings: the Donut would be very wise to crack the whip right now and get everybody's mind back on the football field. @ Barry Favre should be trated as a grudge game and revenge sought after last season's playoff towelling.

dumb A$$ they are playing the titans

I thought they just played the Texans. Oct. 10 they play Tennessee.

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