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September 02, 2010

Just CHILL: End is near for Crayton and Hurd

Clarence Hill  Arlington -- Could this be the end wide receivers Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd in Dallas?

Both could be suiting up for the Cowboys for the last time in tonight's preseason final against the Dolphins as both players are being aggressively shopped in trades, multiple team sources said.

What's most certain is the one or the other will be gone when final cuts are made Saturday.

And there's a chance that both could be cut if a trade can't be worked out.

The issue is the same it has been since both were shopped in trades during the NFL draft last April following the selection of top pick Dez Bryant, who will be the team's third receiver behind Roy Williams and Miles Austin.

The Cowboys do not want to pay Crayton his $2 million scheduled salary to be the team's fourth receiver.

Even more they are not going to play Hurd his scheduled $1.8 million salary to basically cover kicks as the team's little used used sixth receiver behind Kevin Ogletree.

Hurd seems more likely to be cut as his salary is proving difficult to move for the same reasons it's difficult for the Cowboys to keep him, a source said.

It's all still on the table for Crayton, as a source said the interest in him as grown over the last week. No team has met the Cowboys demands as of yet.

Keeping him is also being still considering, according to a source.

"I don't worry about things I can't control,'' Crayton said earlier this week. "All I can do is keep preparing and be ready for whatever happens.''

The situation is playing just how Crayton imagined it would last spring when he stayed away from OTAs and asked to be traded or released. He said the Cowboys were simply using him as insurance to get through the preseason and would likely move him before the start of the season.

He wanted to be moved then so he could latch on with a new team rather than have to wait until after training camp.

Remember Crayton's joke when Bryant suffered a high ankle sprain a week into camp?

"Who's the insurance policy, me? Call me All-State. Don't call me the insurance policy, at least give me a name brand. I ain't The General, don't give me The General."

With Bryant back healthy and ready to go for the start of the season, the Cowboys seemingly plan to go with cheaper insurance for the regular season.


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It'll be sad to see Crayton and Hurd go. They are two quality individuals and NFL football players. But, to get more playing time, and, more stats--and more money, they need to move to teams that could use them as #2 or #3 receivers. Teams like the fish, the Chiefs, the Rams, or the Seahawks. I bet as a #2 on any of those teams, Hurd or Crayton could each get 60 to 80 catches and close to, or a little over, 1,000 yards receiving...and maybe 7 or 8 TDs each.

So I hope they both get a shot like the above because they both deserve it. I also hope they realize that this is an opportunity and not a knock against them.

When they get with a team that REALLY needs their services, and, they can get 60 to 70+ catches, 900+ yards, and 7+ TDs, they should be able to command a $10 million to $12 million 4-5 year contract next year. Look at it that way.

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