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September 15, 2010

Just CHILL: From dumb and dumber in Washington to Super. It has happened before

Clarence Hill

The Cowboys have been portrayed as dumb and dumber non stop since Sunday.

And with good reason, there is no excuse for the Keystone Cops routine that resulted in a fumble and game-deciding touchdown in the 13-7 loss to the Redskins.

    But with 15 games to go, the question is whether it is a harbinger of a bad season to come and the end of Jerry Jones' dream of playing in the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium as the home team?


    But maybe not.

I    t could be just a blip on what ends up as a super season and the start of a dynasty.

Back in 1992, the Cowboys were victims of similar ugliness in an embarrassing and demoralizing loss to the Redskins.

    It was December 13 and the Cowboys had dominated the game against the Redskins with 343 yards of offense. The defense had allowed the Redskins just one offensive touchdown, a fluky halfback pass.

But the Cowboys failed to score in the second half. Troy Aikman threw a fourth quarter interception on a drive that would have sealed the game. The Cowboys were also undone by three fumbles, including one by receiver Michael Irvin.

    The capper that will go down as one of the stupidest decisions in franchise history came 3 and 1/2 minutes left and the Cowboys holding a 17-13 lead.

    On second and 7 from the 5 yard line, Aikman went back to pass only see the ball knocked from his hand by defensive tackle Jason Buck as he was attempting to pass.

For some reason, Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith picked the ball up and tried to run it out. As he was being tackled, he then tried to throw it out of the end zone, rather than simply falling on it for the safety and a 17-15 lead. But when he scooped the ball up in the air, it was snared by Redskins safety Danny Copeland for the game-winning score.

    It was a crushing loss and there was no talk at the team of this team recovering for a Super Bowl run _  let alone go on to win three titles in the next four years and become the team of the decade.

The 49ers were still the dominant team and the Cowboys were  upstarts who knew nothing of overcoming this kind of adversity let alone how to become champions.

    Of course that team had three future Hall of Famers in Irvin, Aikman and Smith, a future one in Charles Haley and a win at all cost head coach in Jimmy Johnson who would not let them lose.

These Cowboys have stars in Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Miles Austin and a future one in Dez Bryant.

    They also have Wade Phillips. You decide on the latter.

    But dumb and dumber in Washington doesn't necessarily mean the Cowboys have no chance at a super season.


Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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It was written to all 'Boyz fans including myself idiot. I'm speaking for the fans who don't write on these blogs. Get over yourself whocares.

Your blogname is so apropos--as in "whocares" what you have to say.

johnarlington is so vain, that he thinks the article was written about him!! LOL! what a conceited beast! get over yourself 51 year old loser.

I never said that because of last Sunday's debacle in DC that this group of 'Boyz couldn't make it to the promised land. I said that if they don't correct the mistakes and get rid of the sub-par player(s), then this season will turn out a mediocre 8-8 or worse.

If they can correct reds play call timing and get another above average-to-great O-lineman in there, then they should compete for all the marbles. Colombo coming back should take care of the latter. As for the former....

Notice I said red has play call "Timing" issues. There is nothing wrong with his schemes, his plays, his receiver routes, or his sets on the O side of the ball. I believe he hasn't quite figured out when (and under what situations) to use the plays in his playbook. But that will come with time...hopefully.

Until then, let's right this ship. And you media have been incorrectly writing in this paper that we fans "are jumping the 'boyz ship" en masse on these blogs after just one game.

Wrong you idiots! We're merely voicing our displeasure with what we saw last Sunday--that we also believe is eminently correctable. Nobody blogging on here has given up on this team you morons...yet. Get your stories straight! No wonder nobody reads what you have to say anymore.

There is nothing germane in this post that paralles with the team in 92. Phillips can get the job done, the probably to this reader is Jason "Red Jesus" Garrett. In critical situation of a game, Garrett seems to get out coached. In addition, he makes very bad decisions in his selection of play calling. It appears it takes getting on his ass constantly to keep him focused on the task at hand.

i remember that game @wash in '92. to make things worse, i had a 'skins fan in my living room. wish i still had that game tape, 'cause i can remember thinking that emmitt had possession of that loose ball with a knee or two on the ground with the defender making contact. also, why was that not an incomplete pass, since troy's arm was moving foward? could swear that there was controversy over that last issue....

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