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September 19, 2010

Keith Brooking: We need positive reinforcement

Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking, one of the spiritual leaders of the team, had this to say to the media after Sunday's loss to the Bears:

"It's not a good thing at all. You guys will probably make it seem like it's the end of the world and that the season is over, but none of that really matters. We have to have positive reinforcement. We have to be accountable for our mistakes."


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Agreed Lnstar.

Mr. Brooking, I feel I must say this to you since you are obviously this team’s top leader--you must ask yourselves this question:
"Have we stopped playing for this coaching staff, management, or ownership for whatever reason?"

Because if you and "your" team decide that you have, and, that is the current source of your continued "bad play", then I must say this to you and your troops: "Play these games for YOURSELVES!! Win first for you and your teammates". Then win second for a grand old man name “Coach Wade”. We fans—we’ll take fourth or fifth.

Now I know that the media and some fans have been trying to paint Coach Wade as a coward and liar afraid to make waves and afraid to stand up to players, media, and ownership. But he is not. He is just a polite southern gentleman who would rather shout at people with a wink or a frown or a shake of his head.

You read his facial expressions like you read another coaches screaming, cussing tirades. They shout. Wade glares. They throw things. Wade looks down and grows red-faced. Does that mean he’s “lying”? Nope. It means he’s “Mr. Rogers” nice. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

The media thinks Wade lies by omission. Nope. He believes, like his Daddy did before him,”if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, don’t say anything”.

Like his Dad, Wade, is an easy going, genuinely nice Grandpa type of man and I cannot place this all at his feet because he omits the common coach tool of “blasting, berating, and cussing his players” after a loss. He deserves better from you and from the rest of us out here in Cowboy Nation.

The Oilers played for Wade's great Father, Bum, because they loved him as a person, a teacher, a coach, and a parental figure. Those players knew he was going to be the same today, tomorrow, or billion years from now. Bum was also incapable of lying to anyone, especially his players. If you didn’t have what it takes to play in the NFL he’d let you know and he’d let you down as easy as he could. He didn’t sugar coat anything, but, he wasn’t mean about it either.

Players love coaches who tell them the truth and treat lesser athletes with human respect. Isn’t Wade that way too?

All it took for a player to know he performed the practice drill or game play correctly was a tip-of-the-cowboy-hat from Bum or a expressionless "yessir" from Bum's mouth or a Roy Rogers-type smiling wink of Bum's eye. If they did wrong, he’d use cowboy wisdom “Son, you spit the bit. Son, by God go Grab that bull by the horns, son, and do it again till ya git it right.”

Bum never won a SB, but, not all great people can get to the literal mountain top. But they can get to humanities much more powerful spiritual mountain top.

Rosa Parks never became President of the United States--but she held its soul in her hands as no US President ever has. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never lived long enough to ascend to the US Presidency—but he left an eternal and ever growing legacy to humanity of spiritual, social, and political change far greater than any US President ever left, except possibly Lincoln.

Now I know Bum’s legacy cannot be compared to Rosa Parks’ or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s, but, I bet a far greater percentage of his former players, now old men themselves, still love him like a Father than the percentages of former players that still love their retired SB winning coaches.

Why didn’t Bum’s players ever get him to the mountain top? Maybe (like you current ‘Boyz players without even knowing it) they absorbed and brought a little too much of his easy-going, “nice guy” demeanor out onto the field when they should have brought more ruthless ferocity and competitiveness.

Coach Wade deserves your honest best effort to stop the mistakes and put a team away. Maybe he won’t steal your money. Maybe he won’t kick your dog. Maybe he won’t be a fake friend. Maybe he won’t shoot your horse. And maybe he wouldn’t let you steer your own personal Titanic into and iceberg if he knew you were heading her toward one. But that doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of his good graces by failing him.

Why don’t you guys run the table from here on out for the nice guys of this world? Show the world that a group of men will lay the smackdown on all evil opponents who are trying to stop the good folk at the spiritual mountain top from ever making it to the literal mountain top.

This year may be Wade’s last chance. And Papa Bum would love to hold that Lombardi Trophy too!

In football positive reinforcement comes from WINNING; especially with the potential this team has. Until the "coaches", Owner and team decide to do whatever it takes to do that, the negatives will continue.

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