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September 21, 2010

Kubiak leery of the Cowboys

The Texans are 2-0; the Cowboys are 0-2. The Texans are at home, where they are 3-point favorites. The Texans beat the Cowboys 23-7 in the third preseason game when the starters played into the second half. So chalk this one up to the Texans, right?

Not so fast, warns Texans coach Gary Kubiak.

"They’re two plays away from being 2-0," Kubiak said. "That’s typical of the National Football League. They’re the same football team that’s loaded with talent that was starting the season and obviously they’re in a situation right now. I know they’re going to play great football when they come in here. We’ll have to be ready to go. We’ll have to play a lot better than we played [against the Redskins], I know that. But I don’t have to tell our players that."

The Texans have struggled against the pass this season. Donovan McNabb threw for 426 against them Sunday.

Tony Romo threw for 374 yards in the loss to the Bears on Sunday.

"It concerns me, because it’s like anything else – if people see you struggling in one area, they just keep coming after it, so we’re going to get tested," Kubiak said. "That team (Dallas) can line up and pound on you, too; y’all know about the backs that they have. But obviously, when you’re struggling in one area statistically, you seem to get tested very, very early in the football game, so we’re going to have to stand up and we’re going to have to get some pressure on (Dallas QB) Tony (Romo), and then our young kids have got to continue to grow up and play better.”

-- Charean Williams


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Yo Rodger, The oilers skipped town back in '97, along with their "I'm taking my ball and leaving" owner. The Texans rank dead last in pass defense. If the Cowboys don't turn the ball over, they will beat the Texans...who STILL cannot defend against the pass.

Kubiak needn't worry. Dallas has the Big Fat Dufus (he needs to stop eating, it will do him some good)and the Master of Incompetency Garrett. That will be enough for an easy win by the Oilers 42-17.

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