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September 19, 2010

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett's post-game comments

Do you agree with Jerry criticizing the execution?

"Absolutely. Our guys are playing hard, but it's not as clean as it needs to be right now in all areas. We are going to work to get that rectified. There were some good things that happened in this game. Obviously, there were too many things that were not good. On individual plays and throughout the ballgame. We are going to look at it and go back and address it on an individual basis and try to look at some other things to make us better. But the approach and the effort has been good by our players. We just have to clean things up and execute better."


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The Cowboys can’t be a physical run first team because their o-line is too old and slow. If they had one more Doug Free type to put on the right side, that may be just enough to get this team over the hump. They really should have drafted 2 o-linemen between the 2nd-4th rounds this year.

Read more: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/cowboys/2010/09/offensive-coordinator-jason-garretts-post-game-comments.html#ixzz1A2xrlJ00

I agree with you . In it something is. Now all became clear, I thank for the help and I hope to see more such articles.

Well we were running the ball fine with barber3 in the 1st quarter. IMHO they should have continued to force that issue. 4 yrds a carery is not to bad and screams easy 3rd down situations. Romo did not have to throw the ball 50 times

The Cowboys can’t be a physical run first team because their o-line is too old and slow. If they had one more Doug Free type to put on the right side, that may be just enough to get this team over the hump. They really should have drafted 2 o-linemen between the 2nd-4th rounds this year. If they could run the ball consistently and then asked Romo to be a bus driver; you'd have a solid quarterback that could make the big play and open up the offense only when you needed it, and not all the time. If Romo has to toss 40-50 passes in a game, he's gonna throw pics; it’s that simple!

As a true Cowboy fan my opinion is all problems start from the TOP down. Let's start at the top. Jerry Jones......... why did Jerry decide on a coach like Wade, as opposed to a Shanahan (superbowl winner) or a Gruden (superbowl winner). Probably because those guys will not be a puppet under Jones. Both coaches with fire, and a passion for winning. Wade on the other hand, stands on the sidelines with his arms in the air at least 5 times a game, blaming bad calls by the refs! Look in the mirror Wade.... maybe it's because the players are not focused!!! Bing Bong! A couple of players have already said that about the practices! These are your players trying to send Wade a message! Back to Jerry.... what kind of business owner has conflicts with his coach that won BACK-TO-BACK SUPERBOWLS?????? (Jimmy Johnson) Jerry's decision on making Jimmy's job difficult is the reason why the Cowboys are in the position they are in! Cowboy fans, let's not rush to put blame on the players, Romo can be great he just needs the correct game plan. The Cowboys season will be over soon, because the players don't just wake up the next Sunday morning with more talent then they had the previous week. You must change leadership to see changes, end of story.

I read during that Garrett spoke to other coaches about how to be a better Coordinator during the off season. What the hell did they tell you?! Whatever it was, PLEASE do the opposite.

Dear David Shula,

Your play calling does not merit the quality of the players on your offensive unit. Please resign.

The Spirit of Jimmy Johnson

Fire Wade and then fire The Red Headed Genius, neither one has they eye of the Tiger, or the want to win.


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