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September 30, 2010

Phillips doesn't like barbs

Wade Phillips didn’t mention Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin, but it was clear Thursday that the Dallas coach did not appreciate comments made by the two Hall of Famers, each of whom has been critical of receiver Roy Williams.

After the Cowboys released Terrell Owens last year, Smith said: "Who do they have who is going to be that explosive? That's the question. Who do you have that's going to be that explosive? I don't see it." 

When told that Roy Williams was going to replace Owens, Smith said: "Like I said, who do you have that's going to be that explosive?"

More recently, Irvin made the comment that as long as Williams was in the starting lineup, the Cowboys would be playing 10 against 11.

When asked if comments by ex-players bothered him, Phillips said: “Well sure. I’m going to defend this team and my players right now. I think everybody has their opinion. Some of them are in the media and I realize that’s part of what they do, so that can happen. Now if they were on this team and doing it at this time, I really wouldn’t be happy with them. I can’t like it, but everybody’s got their opinions and a lot of people gripe about a lot of things and sometimes they don’t know anything about it.”

Williams answered on the field last Sunday, with 117 receving yards and a 63-yard TD reception. Phillips presented Williams with the game ball from the Houston game on Thursday.

-- Jan Hubbard



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Roy Williams has settled a dispute with ex-girlfriend and former Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels over a $76,000 engagement ring.

Iam very happy for Roy E.,but yeah if the critics can "lit your fire",and for that you´ll perform like you are( a perinneal pro bowler)welcoming the critics!!!,whatever they are, you only need to be and stay...humble and with the cold head to don´t pay a lot of attention on it,and still playing with the desire,with the internal fire,thats the secret, Roy Williams will be a factor this season wihtout questions.!

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