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September 27, 2010

Preseason does matter

When the Cowboys played the Texans in preseason, the two teams had polar opposite approaches. The Texans left their starters in the game well into the third quarter while the Cowboy starters played very little in the second half. Houston approached the game like a regular season game and the Cowboys approached it like a meaningless exhibition. Dallas went into the game with a limited set of plays and worked more on technique and execution.

Houston went on to win 23-7 in that game and although most  teams care little about preseason, Cowboys linebacker Bradie James admitted that there was a little payback involved in Dallas' 27-13 win yesterday.

The Cowboys were leading 27-6 when the Texans scored a touchdown with 1:15 remaining.

"I hate it that they scored at the end because defensively, we kind of came out not wanting those guys to score," James said. "We felt like the last game they scored too many touchdowns on us."

So the Cowboys did remember. And at least for one day and one game, it showed again how little preseason means.

-- Jan Hubbard


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